Extremely silly songs vhs

Extremely Silly Songs! (known as Extremely Silly Songs! 5th Anniversary Collectible Edition) is a rare VHS for Christian bookstores that was made for Big Idea's anniversary. People who bought this also got the 5th anniversary "What's the Big Idea?" newsletter. This video also includes alternate trailers of Madame Blueberry and Rumor Weed, along with the only ever trailer for The End of Silliness?. It was released on VHS on August 25, 1998 by Word Entertainment and Everland Entertainment.

 Silly Songs

  • The Water Buffalo Song (from Where's God When I'm S-Scared?)
  • The Hairbrush Song (from Are You My Neighbor?)
  • Dance of the Cucumber (from Rack, Shack, and Benny)
  • Love My Lips (from Dave and the Giant Pickle)
  • Oh, Santa! (from The Toy That Saved Christmas)
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (from A Very Silly Sing-Along)
  • The Song of the Cebu (from Josh and the Big Wall!)
  • His Cheeseburger (from Madame Blueberry)



  1. What's the Big Idea? Promo
  2. 1998 Stay Tuned Bumper
  3. 1997-2000 FBI Warning
  4. Word Inc/Everland Entertainment logos
  5. 1997-2005 Big Idea logo (5th Anniversary Byline)


  1. Madame Blueberry Trailer
  2. The End of Silliness? Trailer
  3. Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed Teaser Trailer

Fun Facts

  • It came with the 5th Anniversary "What's the Big Idea?" newsletter.
  • This is the only VHS release to feature the End of Silliness? trailer.
  • This is the only VHS release to feature the teaser for Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed, but later with the 2004 DVD release as an Easter Egg.
  • This is the only VHS release to feature the Word Inc. and Everland Entertainment logos.
  • This is the last VHS release to feature the Everland Entertainment logo.


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