Extreme's Sengoku Transformation! is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Extreme sees the blank Sengoku Driver and Iron Man gives Extreme a Watermelon Lockseed.


  • (This episode begins with Code Blue)
  • Mordecai: That was amazing. We work out.
  • Extreme: Yep. Look at this.
  • Rigby: What?
  • (There is a blank Sengoku Driver in the table)
  • Rigby: Hey, we never seen that before.
  • Extreme: That's a blank Sengoku Driver.
  • Dan Zembrovski: Why is it here?
  • Extreme: It was a present from Man of the Beginning.
  • Iron Man: That's great. Here. A substitute for the Suika Lockseed I found.
  • (Iron Man puts a Watermelon Lockseed on a table)
  • Iron Man: This is just the prototype version through.
  • (Extreme picks up the Watermelon Lockseed)
  • Iron Man: Look at that. Punch-A-Bunch is at the Times Square.
  • Randy Cunningham: Can you handle this, Extreme?
  • Extreme: Of course I can. I'll take care of this.
  • (At Times Square)
  • Extreme: Punch-A-Bunch, I will kill you. I will devote my life... what I believe in! -shows his Watermelon Lockseed and Sengoku Driver- It doesn't matter how heavy the sin is... ...I will save humanity! Transform!
  • Watermelon Lockseed: Watermelon!
  • Sengoku Driver: Lock On! Soiya! Watermelon Arms: Midare-dama, Ba-Ba-Ba-Bang!
  • (Extreme transform into Warrior Gods Rider Proto Zangetsu)
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Proto Zangetsu and Punch-A-Bunch are fighting each other)
  • Sengoku Driver: Soiya! Watermelon Squash!
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Proto Zangetsu slashes Punch-A-Bunch)
  • Warrior Gods Rider Proto Zangetsu: The finisher.
  • Sengoku Driver: Soiya! Watermelon Sparkling!
  • Warrior Gods Rider Proto Zangetsu: You're finished!
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Proto Zangetsu kicks Punch-A-Bunch)
  • Punch-A-Bunch: Aah!
  • (Punch-A-Bunch is defeated)
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Proto Zangetsu transform back into Extreme)
  • (Code Blue arrives)
  • Bia: Extreme!
  • Flink: Extreme! Extreme!
  • Extreme: Guys!
  • Gillbert: You defeated Punch-A-Bunch!
  • Extreme: Yes. I did. Let's go. Let's get some burgers.
  • Spider-Man: Sure.
  • [End of Extreme's Sengoku Transformation!]


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