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Season 9 of ExplodingTNT first aired on January 15, 2004 and ended on January 4, 2006.


Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Spaghetti and Meatsquares January 15, 2004 ExplodingTNT tries to turn the meatballs into meatsquares. First episode of season 9. 66
Growing Out January 22, 2004 BaconCrafter tries to convince his mom he still wants to keep clothes that don’t fit him. 67
If Your Angry and You Know It, Run Away January 29, 2004 Everyone gets angry at Notch because he removed food from Minecraft, so the players run away and beg the villagers for food. 68
BaconNoob February 5, 2004 BaconCrafter drinks a potion he does not know that it makes him a noob. 69
The Donut Bully February 12, 2004 A player named Yma bullies players in Minecraft 70
Fly Away! February 19, 2004 ExplodingTNT tries to stop a fly from eating his food. However, when he finally is able to eat, maggots hatch out of an fly egg and ExplodingTNT tries to get the maggots out his house. 71
BaconFart February 26, 2004 BaconCrafter farts out bacons! 72
Drinkable Macaroni & Cheese February 28, 2004 Purple Shep tries to blend Macaroni & Cheese in a blender... 73
Pot Belly February 29, 2004 BaconCrafter’s belly turns into a pot after its full of hot water and people start using his belly to cook food. 74
The Old Computer March 1, 2004 ExplodingTNT finds his old computer he hasn’t used since 2001. 75
Non-Stop Career March 2, 2004 BaconCrafter becomes popular. 76
The Band Problems March 6, 2004 BaconCrafter starts a band. However, his band members start fights. 77
The Person that Only Cares About Spending Other People’s Credit Cards on Dunkin Donuts April 23, 2005 Many people (including Notch) find unauthorized purchases on their credit cards on Dunkin Donuts and get so angry! So, the police officers suspect many players, until they find the real suspect... 78
A True Player to Minecraft April 30, 2005 ExplodingTNT helps cleanup Minecraft, by removing trash players keep on littering! 79
Staffy May 7, 2005 Purple Shep wants to know the meaning of staff. 80
July the 4th July 4, 2005 The players celebrate the 4th of July! This episode aired on the 4th of July. 81
Boo! October 31, 2005 Everyone gets ready for Trick or Treat! However, BaconCrafter spreads rumors that a ghost will come and eat the players... This episode aired on Halloween. 82
Advertising = No Can Do November 1, 2005 ExplodingTNT learns he cannot advertise stuff on websites. 83
Cookies In Cereal January 1, 2006 Purple Shep dips cookies in cereal... 84
A Girl Scout Adventure January 4, 2006 Nadroj and Layla’s Girl Scout Leader gets a customer far away, and Nadroj and Layla have to go through lots of location, including a place where there is lava... This episode is based on the 1998 online ExplodingTNT game A Girl Scout Adventure on Null’s website. This is also the final episode of season 9. 85
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