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Season 8 of ExplodingTNT first aired on February 10, 2003 and ended on August 27, 2003.


Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
If Lasers Were Added to Minecraft February 10, 2003 Notch adds lasers to Minecraft. However, it seems to be trouble for everyone, including Notch because he cannot get into his office! First episode of season 8. It is also the first episode to air after a 1-year hiatus. 56
U Hit Me With a Screwdriver? February 17, 2003 Notch wants a good song from all the Minecraft players or they are banned. So, every Minecraft player tries to practice for the song without trouble. 57
The Gum Table February 24, 2003 ExplodingTNT eats by himself at a restaurant, but gets a table all made out of gum! 58
The Glass Frog March 3, 2003 Notch adds Glass Frogs to Minecraft. 59
Nighttime Madness March 10, 2003 ExplodingTNT cannot sleep! 60
Cancellation Horror March 17, 2003 ExplodingTNT’s favorite TV show, Caillou, gets cancelled! So, he decides to contact the channel to make new episodes! However, many other people hate the show (except CaillouFan) and put up obstacles so he cannot get to the location of the channel’s HQ! 61
Tricky Tricks March 24, 2003 Pink Sheep tricks the employees at the restaurant by giving them fake money just for cake. 62
The Bank Robbery March 31, 2003 Pink Sheep tries to start a bank robbery. When he gets the money, he drives away very fast. 63
The Secret of Acorns April 7, 2003 After Purple Shep sees a video that shows a worm coming out of an acorn, he tries to also open up an acorn. 64
ExplodingPedia August 27, 2003 ExplodingTNT goes on Wikipedia and makes an account. However, he gets blocked from editing indefinitely for joking around. So, he creates other accounts. Finale episode of season 8. Also, Nadroj and Layla make a cameo in this episode when they can be seen walking out the window near his house. 65
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