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Season 7 of ExplodingTNT first aired on January 7, 2002 and ended on February 4, 2002.


Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Chicken Nuggets January 7, 2002 ExplodingTNT is obsessed with Chicken Nuggets and doesn’t want to stop eating it. First episode of season 7. 51
Girl Scout Problems January 14, 2002 The Girl Scout Leader announces the sales and ratings of Girl Scout products goes very low to all the Girl Scouts. So, she decides to put glue on Layla’s mouth and then put paper on her mouth to prevent her from eating the food. 52
Bacon Fries January 21, 2002 BaconCrafter sells Bacon Fries. 53
Flu Shot Escape January 28, 2002 ExplodingTNT is afraid to get his Flu Shot because he thinks it will hurt. So, he has to jump over obstacles and run. 54
Sweater Crafter February 4, 2002 BaconCrafter’s grandmother gives him a sweater. Final episode of season 7. 55
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