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Season 3 of ExplodingTNT first aired on March 30, 1998 and ended on May 29, 1998. There was a Christmas special after that, but is not considered an episode of this season.

This is the final season for Phil Hartman to voice ExplodingTNT because of his death on May 28, 1998.


Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number (in season)
ExplodingEverything March 30, 1998 ExplodingTNT eats a large piece of cheese that causes him to make everything explode. First episode of season 3. 1
Nacho Cheese Sticks March 31, 1998 ExplodingTNT and the other Minecraft players decide to dip their cheese sticks into nacho cheese, but gets a bad result... 2
Pranks For a Day April 1, 1998 Pink Sheep and Pink Guy decide to play a prank on ExplodingTNT for April Fools Day, which is by eating all of his cheese! 3
Ownership Abuser April 2, 1998 Notch decides to give Pink Sheep ownership, but after his ownership time expires, Notch finds out he was abusing his powers. 4
Wappy Weal April 3, 1998 After all the Minecraft players buy their Wappy Weals, all of the food is cold! The title has the words Happy Meal, but the first letters in the 2 words are changed. 5
Do Feed the Trolls May 25, 1998 ExplodingTNT thinks it is a good idea to feed the trolls. 6
Soft Ice Cream May 26, 1998 Everyone tries a new softer Ice Cream, but find out it is made out of cotten balls... 7
The Very (Un)Lucky Apple May 27, 1998 Notch releases a secret apple that he claims will make players lucky. However, when the players find it, it gives them bad luck. This is the final episode to air during Phil Hartman’s lifetime (he voiced ExplodingTNT). 8
No Oxygen May 28, 1998 There is a glitch in Minecraft where oxygen is removed. This is the first episode to air during Phil Hartman’s death because he was shot to death in his sleep by his wife the same day this episode aired. Despite that, he still voiced ExplodingTNT in this episode because production for this episode started before his death. 9
Unfair Notch May 29, 1998 Notch decides to remove almost everything from Minecraft except players and blocks. This is the final episode where Phil Hartman voices ExplodingTNT because production for this episode started before his death. In the next episode, which is a Christmas special, the creator of ExplodingTNT voices ExplodingTNT. 10
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