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Season 11 of ExplodingTNT first aired on October 8, 2007 and ended on May 4, 2008.


Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
The Laws of 2007 October 8, 2007 Notch makes new rules for Minecraft. However, the rules are preventing some players to play Minecraft. First episode of season 11. 96
Unrich October 9, 2007 After a robbery occurs in the office, Notch loses a lot of money, encouraging him to start an investigation. 97
Broke Up October 10, 2007 Notch has no girlfriend, so he makes an announcement telling girls to become girlfriends to boys. 98
6 Years Later... October 11, 2007 ExplodingTNT takes out cheese he has been storing in a cabinet since 2000 and eats it. 99
The Lost Episode October 12, 2007 ExplodingTNT finds an old tape of him and memories of him in 1996. This episode marks and celebrates the 100th episode of the show. 100
Thankseating November 26, 2007 Notch invites everything to his office to celebrate Thanksgiving and feels fine at first, but kicks everyone out of his office and eats all the food after he realizes all the rest of the players may eat all of his food. Thanksgiving special. 101
The Messy Office January 17, 2008 Notch has to clean up his office after Jeb is tired of the mess in the entire office. 102
Faturday January 24, 2008 Notch introduces a new hosting in Minecraft, a food race! The event occurs every Saturday and everyone has to eat at least 500 pieces of food to earn a prize. Everyone worries they will get fat and lead to stomach aches. However, ExplodingTNT gets an idea, which is that he will eat food with 0 calories only. 103
Unsubscribed May 3, 2008 Purple Shep finds out Failboat does not have his favorite channel in his channel package anymore. Due to that, Purple Shep decides to be sneaky and upgrade the channel pacakage. 104
A Piece of Revenge May 4, 2008 After Jeb finds out Notch has ate his cake, he decides to put fake cake in the fridge but made with expired milk. Final episode of season 11. 105
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