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Season 1 of ExplodingTNT first aired on October 14, 1996 and ended on April 1, 1997.


Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Money Required October 14, 1996 Notch does not allow ExplodingTNT to play Minecraft if he doesn’t have $49.99 money. When he finds out he doesn’t have enough money, the only option is to show Notch what things he will do when playing Minecraft but fails. However, he finds another trick to get into Minecraft. First episode ever. 1
The Secret October 15, 1996 Purple Shep tries to find out what ExplodingTNT likes so much, and imagines many things, like boogers, diamonds, or TNT cake. He finds out what ExplodingTNT likes so much after installing cameras in his house and finds out he likes cheese! 2
If Milk was Placable in Minecraft October 16, 1996 Notch adds milk to Minecraft. However, even players think there are many issues with the new feature. 3
Troll Guy October 17, 1996 ExplodingTNT invents a troll, but has to stop him after playing bad pranks on the Minecraft players. 4
If Pink Sheep and Purple Shep Switched Places October 18, 1996 Notch decides to switch the places of Pink Sheep and Purple Shep. However, it ends up being a problem and they try to convince Notch to undo it. 5
Notch Potch March 1, 1997 Purple Shep comes up with a silly new name for Notch, which is calling him Notch Potch. However, Notch is angered by this and starts calling him Purple Potch. 6
Peanut Butter Lightbulbs March 2, 1997 A noob keeps on putting peanut butter on everyone’s lightbulbs and try to find a way to stop him. 7
Pros Aren’t Noobs March 3, 1997 The strongest pro ever wants a fight with the other pros the next day, so the pros have to find a way and get new swords to defeat the pro. 8
A Pro a Day Keeps the Doctor Staying March 4, 1997 Doctors tired of having to heal noobs because of the pros, the doctors takes all the pros Diamond armor and Diamond Swords away while they are sleeping and replaces them with Wooden Armor and Wooden Swords. 9
TNT Fools April 1, 1997 ExplodingTNT plays an April Fools prank by putting TNT on Notch’s house and makes the TNT explode. Final episode of Season 1. 10
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