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ExplodingTNT Video Game

Game Cover

ExplodingTNT: The Video Game is a video game for the Game Boy Color. It was released on May 1, 1999. In this game, ExplodingTNT wants all the cheese ever, but he must fight the pros.


The game starts off with ExplodingTNT on the ground of TNT Town. The player can make ExplodingTNT jump by pressing A. ExplodingTNT can walk by pressing the left and right arrow keys. ExplodingTNT can talk with his friends Pink Guy, Pink Sheep, Purple Shep, and Failboat. When ExplodingTNT gets hit, he explodes and respawns.

Level 1 is Toaster Island, which was made by Purple Shep. He must avoid the toast coming out of the toasters. If a toast lifts him up into another toaster, he will fall out of the toaster and explode. After that, he must fight a boss which is Seth with diamond armor and a sword. He must defeat Seth by holding A to take off a piece of Seth’s armor and throw it at him at least 3 times.

Level 2 is the place where Notch announces stuff. While Notch is announcing, ExplodingTNT comes up and interrupts. He must defeat Notch by jumping on his head 3 times.

Level 3 is when ExplodingTNT falls into a machine and ends up in Lava Island, the final level. If ExplodingTNT falls in lava, he will explode. The final boss is BaconCrafter, which can be defeated by jumping on his head 3 times. After that, ExplodingTNT gets all the cheese in world.

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