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Executive Siege is the working title of an upcoming American action film directed by Jan DeBont. It is a combination of two previous "Die Hard-in-the-White House" type thrillers; Olympus Has Fallen and White House Taken. The film stars Jeremy Renner, Laurence Fishburne and Mel Gibson with supporting roles filled by Bryan Cranston, Sandra Bullock and Faran Tahir. It was scored by Steve Jablonsky.


Ethan Reynolds (Jeremy Renner), a former pilot with the United States Air Force, wakes up from a one-night stand with a nurse called Leah Monroe (Halle Berry) realising he is late for work, he tries to slip away quietly, but she catches him, so he promises to call her. He then rushes off to his job as a US Captiol policeman.

Meanwhile, US President Benjamin Stuart (Laurence Fishburne) struggles to bond with his estranged daughter, Zoey (Zendaya Coleman), but his attempts fail as he has to leave her to attend a political conference with the Pakistani Prime Minister Kamran Hussein (Omar Shariff) to discuss a peace treaty which will lead to the removal of US troops from the Middle East. Zoey is left alone and takes advantage of her situation to slip away and wander around the White House.

Suddenly, an unidentified aircraft enters US airspace. Air control tries to contact the plane, but get no response, so they send steal planes to intercept it. Turrets extend from either side of the aircraft and shoot the stealths down. The plane then flies over Washington and opens fire, killing numerous civilains. One last, badly damaged stealth fighter managers to take the plane down by crashing into it Kamikaze-style, but it still manages to crash into the Washington Monument and bring it down.

A horrified Reynolds witnesses the carnage and runs toward the White House. He spots a gang of garbagemen detonating suicide bombs near the gates, blowing them down and allowing access for the guerillas. Several agents who accompanied Hussein turn on the Secret Service and gun down any agents outside of the White House. Inside, more terrorists reveal themselves, having been disguised as a crew of video technicians. They intercept a tour group and kill several of them as well as the accompanying Secret Service agents before taking the remainder hostage. In the Capitol building, a janitor detonates another bomb, killing more agents and civilians as well as collapsing the building's dome.

The meeting between Stuart and Hussein is interrupted by Simon Heller (Mel Gibson), the Head of the Presidential Security Detail, who informs them of the attack and has them escorted to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center. Once inside, Heller kills most of the Secret Service agents, save for the ones loyal to him, and reveals himself to be the mastermind behind the attack. One of Hussein's bodyguards, Mohammad Jaffa (Faran Tahir) also reveals himself to be the leader of the terrorists and kills his unsuspecting colleagues, again only letting the ones who are in on the plot live. 

Outside, Reynolds runs from the destroyed gate to the front door, where more Secret Service agents are pouring out to defend the White House. The terrorists open fire with a gatling gun, killing most of them, before they blow the doors open with an RPG. Only Reynolds manages to survive and he sneaks inside the White House. Deborah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), the Director of the Secret Service, and Speaker of the House Nathan Campbell (Bryan Cranston) are summoned to the Pentagon to deal with the crisis. They secure a video connection to the White House bunker, unaware that is has fallen. Hussein is marched in front of the camera and executed by Jaffa. Jaffa requests the release of several political prisoners in return for his hostages. Ashburn and Campbell are left unaware of Heller's role in the takeover.

Heller takes over the Oval Office, while Jaffa leaves the bunker to plant mines on the front lawn. Reynolds encounters a terrorist in the corridors and kills him, taking his assault rifle and radio, which he uses to contact Ashburn and Campbell and inform them of his presence inside the White House. When he learns that the President is in the bunker, he decides to rescue him. Stuart is removed from the bunker to be taken to the Oval Office, where Heller wants him to do something for him, although Stuart does not know what. Reynolds intercepts them and kills the terrorists, rescuing Stuart.

Reynolds and Stuat disable internal surveillance and contact the Pentagon again, telling them that Stuart is safe. Ashburn instructs them to escape through a tunnel system beneath the White House. However, Stuart refuses to leave, as Zoey is still missing. He also tells Ashburn about Heller being behind it all. Reynolds decides to have Stuart escape through the tunnel, promising to stay behind and find his daughter. They descend into the secret escape route, but find the tunnels rigged with explosives. More mercenaries arrive and open fire, setting off several explosives. In the ensuing chaos, Reynolds and Stuart are presumed dead. Campbell becomes the Acting President and approves a SEAL helicopter incursion to try and end the crisis.

Unbeknownst to him, the terrorists are in possession of an advanced anti-aircraft remote gun system called the Hydra 6. Reynolds finds out about the incursion but is unable to contact the Pentagon to warn them about the Hydra 6. Stuart abandons Reynolds when he learns that Heller has captured Zoey and goes to try and save her himself. The SEAL helicopters arrive but are shot down. In the end, the Hydra 6 is only stopped when Reynolds blows it up with a rocket launcher. Heller then sends Jaffa to put an end to Reynolds while he uses Zoey as bait to capture Stuart.

The last helicopter crashes into the White House, knocking Reynolds to the ground. Jaffa arrives and attacks him, and a brutal hand-to-hand showdown ensues. Jaffa gains the upper hand by strangling Reynolds, but Reynolds knifes him in the leg and shoves him against the helicopter wreck, soaking him in fuel. Reynolds then sets Jaffa alight and he stumbles into the wreck, igniting an explosion which kills him. Reynolds then walks back into the White House as the sun rises to rescue the President.

In retaliation for the attempted incursion, Heller kills Vice President Roberts (Robert Forster) and reveals to Ashburn and Campbell that he has Stuart as his prisoner. Reynolds disables all of Heller's communications and uses Jaffa's radio to try and coax him out. Heller sends a group of mercenaries led by traitorous Secret Service agent Cox to execute Secretary of Defense Claire Reeves (Jennifer Aniston) in front of the White House. She is dragged out and then gunned down before the world's cameras. Reynolds then uses a gatling gun to kill Cox's men, but Cox survives and a chase ensues.

Meanwhile, Heller marches Stuart and Zoey into the Oval Office, where he forces Stuart to activate a nuclear football which will destroy Pakistan by holding a gun to Zoey's head. Stuart asks Heller why and Heller explains that he thinks Stuart is weak; he shies away from violence while Heller wants to go to war with the Middle East. Fearing for his daughter's life, Stuart activates the football before Heller shoots him. Outside, Reynolds and Cox jump into a Presidential limousine and a shootout/chase ensues between Reynolds and the remaining terrorists. He drives over a mine, which explodes and flips the car over, sending it crashing through the Oval Office.

Reynolds kicks Cox's body out of the car and leaps out, using the last bullets in his gun to shoot two terrorists before grabbing another and forcing him to fire his assault rifle, killing the last mercenaries before he breaks the man's neck. However, Reynolds suddenly finds himself unarmed in front of Heller, who holds a gun to him. Before he can kill him though, Heller is killed by a knife thrown into his back by Stuart, who survived being shot. Stuart embraces his daughter and he tells her that he loves her. She replies that she loves him to.

However, while all this is happening, Campbell, in a last ditch effort to end the crisis, approves an air strike on the White House. Zoey sees this on a news report and runs onto the front lawn, waving a Presidential flag around to signal the end of the crisis. At the last second, Campbell aborts the air strike and the White House is spared destruction. 

Reynolds, Stuart and Zoey walk out of the White House together as the last of the hostages are freed. Ashburn and Campbell arrive and Ashburn instates Reynolds as the Head of the Presidential Security Detail. Leah arrives and kisses Reynolds. The film ends with Reynolds, Zoey, Ashburn and Campbell watching as Stuart addresses the public before he and Russia, Iran, China and other Middle Eastern and Asian countries sign the peace treaty.


  • Jeremy Renner - Ethan Reynolds, an ex-Air Force pilot and US Capitol policeman.
  • Laurence Fishburne – Benjamin Stuart, the President of the United States.
  • Mel Gibson - Simon Heller, the Head of the Presidential Security Detail and the mastermind behind the White House takeover. 
  • Faran Tahir – Mohammad Jaffa, a Pakistani militant disguised as the Prime Minister's aide and the leader of the mercenaries who take over the White House.
  • Bryan Cranston - Nathan Campbell, the Speaker of the House and later Acting President.
  • Sandra Bullock - Deborah Ashburn, the Director of the Secret Service.
  • Zendaya Coleman - Zoey Stuart, the President's daughter.
  • Robert Forster - Michael Roberts, the Vice President.
  • Jennifer Aniston - Claire Reeves, the Secretary of Defense.
  • Halle Berry - Leah Monroe, a nurse who had a one-night stand with Reynolds.
  • Omar Shariff - Kamran Hussein, the Pakistani Prime Minister.
  • Lance Henriksen - General Martin Hargreaves, the Army Chief of Staff.