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Kanji エクスカリバー
Rōmaji Ekusukaribā
Titles & Aliases *Sword of the Lake
Type *Holy Sword
User(s) *Arthur Pendragon (Formally)
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Excalibur is a legendary Holy Sword forged by God for the Archangel Lucifer to use to combat against the Darkness. Overtime, God placed it in the lake of Avalon, which would also be wielded by the legendary British King, Arthur Pendragon, and his descendants.



  • Lucifer - The Archangel Lucifer wielded Excalibur to combat against the Darkness, and when he fell from Heaven, God placed in on the continent Albion, capital kingdom Camelot within the Lake of Avalon
  • Arthur Pendragon - Arthur Pendragon or King Arthur was the most notable, and most known wielder of Excalibur. Being a legendary king during the 5th-6th century AD, and used it against the Saxons invasion, he used the mighty Sword of God to its fullest till the Fall of Albion.
  • Shiro "Arthur" Pendragon - Shiro was the also the wielder, having inherited it, and used it to fight against the darkness.
  • Samuel - Though not a actually wielder. Samuel inherited and sealed it in a titanium 10x10 Vault in his house. When his ancestor Jade appeared has a teacher at Kouh Academy, he returned it to her, but she also gave him Caliburn to seal.
  • Jade "Artoria" Pendragon - Jade obtained Excalibur when Samuel gave it to her when she gave him Caliburn.


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