Randy crawling towards Alexander


Jane (Jane Levy)


Daphne (Lindy Booth)


Randy (Julian Morris)


Alexander (Chris Zylka)


Raven (Brittany Robertson)


Donna (Alexandria Daddario

Five friends Daphne(Lindy Booth),Randy(Juilan Morris), Alexander(Chris Zylka),Raven(Brittany Robbertson) and Donna(Alexandria Darradio) arrive at Daphne's cabin which was the cabin in the last flim and find someone sitting in the kitchen and its Jane.

Jane tells them what happend to her and Randy and Alexander thinks its a joke and Jane runs out and Daphne follows and Jane finds The Book of Dead and andy grabs it out of her hands and reads it and it starts rainning blood again and Jane beats up Randy and Daphne and Alexander get her off of him and Jane runs into the woods and hides in the hole again.

Daphne, Raven and Donna find Jane and Jane tells them to stay here and they beleve what happend to her and Jane says that Randy is about to turn beacuse the first one who reads from the book turns first. At the cabin Alexander is at the barn watching poron. Randy is just getting in the shower when he starts to fell weird and then a hand comes out of his mouth and he falls to the ground.

At the barn Alexander has beats on and can't here Randy coming in and Randy stands behind him and Alexander see's his reflection in the screen and turns aound and tries talking to Randy and Randy grabs him and starts kissing him and barfs blood in his mouth and that go's on in till Alexander prys Randy off of him throwing him. When Randy turns back around he's a demon and he pulls a pocket knife out of his pocket and cuts both sides of his mouth and crawls towods Alexander and he grabs the axe off the wall snd hits Randy reaptly and then opens the barn doors and runs out to the clearing and on to the road.

A force feild blocks Alexander from leaving and he finds Jane and the others what happend and Jane,Daphne,Raven and Donna follow Alexander back to the cabin where Randy is gone but there's blood all over the ground. Randy jumps on Alexander from up above and bites his neck and Jane and the others run back to the cabin and Jane finds the chainsaw she had to kill Stanley. She gives Daphne a electric kitchen knife, Raven a machete and Donna a axe.

Jane tells them that they half to find the demons and kill them and they go outiside and up to the barn where they don't find the demons. Donna see's something in the woods and finds Chris cutting his face and Chris slices her leg with his claws and Donna chops his head off and hacks it. Jane, Daphne and Raven find Donna lying on the ground clutching her leg and Jane see's green ooze coming out of her cut and she runs away.

Jane finds the book by the pond and reads in her mind that if you got scratched by one of the demons then your abbout to turn. Jane runs up there and just as Donna turns into a demon. Ravan sticks the electric kitchen knife in her neck but it dosen't so anygood and Jane, Daphne and Raven run into the woods.

Jane spotts Randy and she,Daphne and Raven hide in the shed. A machete go's through the door and through Raven's head killing her. Jane and Daphne run out and see Randy and Donna. Jane grabs her chainsaw and Daphne grabs the machete and they attack them. Jane and Donna fight but Jane kills her by bashing her head in and with cutting her into pieces. Daphne is baout to die but Jane sticks the chainsaw through his head killing him.

Daphne askes what happends next and Jane says that nothing changes beacuse they disaper and they leave the cabin.

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