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Evil Smile 2 (also known as The Killer Returns and Killer Smiles Back) is an American supernatural mystery horror-slasher film it starring Bella Sana, Danielle Panabaker, Shannon Elizabeth, Danielle Harris, John Carpenter and Shawnee Smith.


A sequel to Evil's Smile and the Killer Backs


Ian and Bubblegum are trapped in a chest Baker hold a knife and break the chest and the killed land to American. Jill told her the killer is not real and the killer is hiding in the tree and sneak at the house Jill and her boyfriend are having sex in the treehouse and the killer is invisible and Jill boyfriend run to stole some money and Jill now alone playing her new computer there 10000 game engine and she create a raped games and the killer fall to Jill and raped her after the killer penis put in the butt and killed her and Baker news are died and Jill died and her boyfriend get some money in the bank and the killer hold a shoot Jill Boyfriend in the head. Baker scare and Tersera is the babysitter and Ian and Bubblegum are welcome and Tersera told who died here Bubblegum said "Jill and her boyfriend" and Tersera said "OH NO" and Tersera hold a axe to kill a victim killer and the killer hold a axe and bashed Tersera head Bubblegum run over and put her hair in the water to clean and the killer is under the water and hold Bubblegum hair and drowned and raped her. Ian run away and the killer chase her and Ian run fast and Ian find a knife and the killer jump at Ian and she almost kill her and but she clocked with a knife the killer and the killer stab by Ian and Ian escaped


  • Nico Tortella as Ian
  • Haley Tju as Bubblegum
  • richard couch as Baker
  • Danielle Harris as Jill
  • anthony rogers as Jill's Boyfriend
  • Shawnee Smith as Tersera
  • richard couch as The Killer


  • Tersera-the killer hold a axe and smash her head
  • Jill-porn and died
  • Jill's Boyfriend-sneak to kidnapped a money and the killer shoot Jill's Boyfriend in the head
  • Baker- raped and killed
  • Bubblegum?- her hair in the water and drowned raped in the water
  • The Killer-clocked to death by Ian


  • Bubblegum?
  • Ian