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Evil Dead (Reboot) Full Movie

Evil Dead is a 2019 American horror film and a reboot of The Evil Dead film series. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence as Ashlee "Ash" Williams, retconned as a female in this new continuity, and was directed by Breck Eisner. It was followed by a crossover between Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street; Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.


The film concerns six college students; Ashlee "Ash" Williams, her best friend Cassidy Morris, her brother Kyle Morris, his girlfriend Ellie Howe, her friend Sabrina Blair and her boyfriend Matt Hannigan. It is spring break, so they have decided to take a trip to a secluded cabin located on Crystal Lake. The cabin sits on a piece of land cut off from the rest of the world by a creek which can only be crossed on a rickety old bridge. The gang nervously drive across it, fearful of it's possible collapse.

At the cabin, they are greeted by a foul stench which leads them to the basement, where they find a number of tools, such as a chainsaw, as well as a double-barreled shotgun, and most notably, the source of the odour; a dusty old book. Kyle, who is an expert at languages, realises that the text is Sumerian and the book's title is the Narutom Demonto, which translates to the Book of the Dead. Kyle reads a passage aloud, unknowingly summoning a demon while doing so.

Ellie leaves the cabin to use the adjacent outhouse, where she keeps thinking she hears voices. Suddenly, the vines of the trees surrounding the cabin come alive and attack Ellie, violently raping her. The others hear her screams and come outside to investigate. The trees withdraw and Ellie tries to tell her that they attacked her, but the others think she is crazy and bring her back inside to calm her down.

Thinking that Ellie was attacked by an animal, Kyle takes the shotgun and goes off to kill it. Matt agrees to drive Ellie and Sabrina back to town so they can spend the night there, only to find that the connected bridge has collapsed and the creek is too dangerous to try and cross any other way. Cut off from the rest of the world, the group are now trapped.

As they drive back to the cabin, Ellie becomes possessed by a demon. She tells Matt and Sabrina that they will all die for disturbing the dead and that the Abomination will take their souls. Matt crashes the jeep, killing Sabrina and incapacitating Ellie. He runs back to the cabin on foot, where he tells the others about what happened and what Ellie said.

They try their best to figure out what the Narutom Demonto says, but don't get very far without Kyle. With perfect timing, Kyle returns to the cabin, telling the group that he killed a dog running through the forest. They try to tell him what is happening and he agrees to translate more of the text, but Ellie suddenly reappears and attacks the group. She shatters a mirror and stabs Matt in the face with a broken shard. Ash picks up the shotgun and shoots Ellie dead.

Now, only three remain. The trio read the book and Kyle explains that it contains a prophecy that the demons will consume five souls in order to unleash something called the Abomination. Cassidy announces that she'll make some coffee and goes into the kitchen, where she finds an electric knife. Kyle continues to try and translate the text, when suddenly Cassidy becomes possessed and attacks Ash, managing to sever her hand. Kyle then tackles Cassidy and throws her into the cellar, where he locks her in.

Kyle tends to Ash's wounds while the demons, speaking through Cassidy, mock them from the cellar. They fail to notice Cassidy's body start to transform before she rips the door off the cellar and flies around the cabin. Kyle retrieves a machete from the basement and tries to kill Cassidy, but she grabs him from behind and lifts him up. Kyle then plunges the machete through himself and into Cassidy. Ash then uses her remaining hand to grab the shotgun and blow Cassidy's head off.

As five souls have now been taken, the prophecy has been fulfilled. Blood rains from the sky and a portal to Hell opens beneath the cabin and the Abomination, a massive demon, emerges through the fireplace. Ash manages to grab the chainsaw before the Abomination picks her up with it's tentacles. The Abomination mocks her, taking the time to comment of the loss of her hand. With quick thinking, Ash attaches the chainsaw to the stump where he hand once was and uses it to cut through the tentacles. 

The Abomination drops Ash to the floor and she crawls away as the floor collapses and Ash finds herself staring down at a lake of fire, where the souls of the damned reside. The Abomination claims that she will soon join them, but Ash manages to cut through the Abomination's neck, defeating it. Ash then escapes the cabin as it sinks into Hell, dragging the slain Abomination with it. The portal then closes.

Hardened by the events of the night, Ash walks away into the woods just as day breaks. The camera pans over the ground to show the Narutom Demonto lying up a pile of leaves, undamaged by the destruction of the cabin.


  • Jennifer Lawrence - Ashley "Ash" Williams
  • Winona Ryder - Cassidy Morris
  • Sam Witwer - Kyle Morris
  • Hayley Kiyoko - Ellie Howe
  • Alison Pill - Sabrina Blair
  • Jack Reynor - Matt Hannigan
  • Frank Langella - The Abomination (Voice)
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