Evil Clown Is a 2013 Horror Slasher Film Starring Lilly Collins, Taylor Lautner, Joseph Cross, Scout Taylor-Compton, Alexandra Daddario, Imogen Poots, Nico Tortorella, Kellan Lutz, Thomas Dekker, Katie Cassidy, Matt Prokop, Danielle Panabaker, Aimee Teegarden, Jennifer Pudavick, Amber Heard, Alexander Ludwig and Katrina Bowden.


In 2009, a clown was sent to jail for killing teenagers. Now, he has escaped and goes after more teenagers. Can they survive?


In, 2009 A Clown is sent to jail for killing a bunch of teenagers but breaks out and goes to kill more teenagers. In 2012, a girl named Sarah (Lilly Collins) is getting ready for school and goes downstairs to eat breakfast. Her mom, Nancy (Famke Janssen) asks if she got all her homework done and she says yes and leaves. She then meets her best friend Lauren (Scout Taylor-Compton) she says what she's gonna do over the summer and she doesn't know yet, Lauren then says you could lose your virginity and they start laughing.

At school, Nathan (Taylor Lautner) comes up to Sarah and Lauren and kisses Sarah. He asks them if they ever heard of the clown that killed alot of teenagers and was sent to jail but escaped. Sarah said no and he says that its true and kisses her goodbye. In the library, Lauren asks Sarah what's wrong and Sarah answers that nothing is wrong but doesn't tell her that she's actually scared about Nathan's story. Lauren's boyfriend Jason (Joseph Cross), Amy (Alexandra Daddario) and Liz (Imogen Poots) tell them that they should go to Jason's party at 8:00 PM and they agree.

At the party, Sarah, Lauren, Amy, Liz and Jenna are dancing together but Sarah is pulled away by Nathan and dances with her. He tells her if she's okay and she says she's scared from the story he told her, he tells her that its not real and they continue dancing. Sarah and Nathan go upstairs and have sex but are interrupted by Julie and Zack and they leave. Julie (Aimee Teegarden) and Zack (Alexander Ludwig) then have sex when they leave. While having sex, Julie sees a clown watching them and Julie screams and gets dress she tells Zack that he saw a person dressed with a clown costume watching them. Everybody then comes into the room and asks what happened and Julie tells them. Sarah then pulls Nathan away and asks him if he set this up and he said that he didn't do anything and she goes home.

At Julie's house, Julie and Zack are having sex but Julie tells him that she heard something and they go to check it out, Julie then turns around and screams when she sees the killer and she is stabbed in her back and neck with a kitchen knife. Zack comes into the room and screams to the killer not to kill her and the killer slits Julie's throat and Zack screams Julie's name and he comes at the killer with a machete and comes at the killer but the killer moves quickly. The killer grabs the machete quickly away from Zack and guts him and he dies and leaves with Zack's machete.

Sarah then wakes up, reads her clock and says 4:00 AM and goes to get water. Sarah then hears someone downstairs and goes to check, she goes to the kitchen but finds a picture of her broken, she then turns around and sees the killer and pushes the killer and runs to get her phone, the killer catches up to her and comes at her with a kitchen knife and she moves out of the way quickly and almost escapes through the front door but is grabbed by the killer, she kicks him and runs to hide, the killer goes to find her and Sarah hits him with a lamp and runs outside and calls 911 and Nathan. Nathan arrives at Sarah's house she tells Nathan that the killer attacked her and the police arrive and she tells them that the killer is in the house but they don't find them. Lauren comes over and comforts Sarah along with Nathan. Sarah tells them that the story is real but Nathan tells her it was all fake but she knows its not.

Nancy then comes home and says that she is sorry that she wasn't there and Sarah forgives her. Sarah, Nathan, Jason, Lauren, Amy, Liz, Greg (Nico Tortorella), David (Kellan Lutz), Ben (Thomas Dekker), Jenna (Katie Cassidy), Tyler (Matt Prokop), Wendy (Danielle Panabaker), Natalie (Jennifer Pudavick), Alyson (Amber Heard) and Lisa (Katrina Bowden) sit together in the library trying to find out who's next because Julie and Zack are dead and Sarah was attacked. Sarah leaves and Nathan follows. Nathan tells her that she's not next and she tells him that she's not so sure. Lisa and Greg are at Lisa's house having sex and they stop and Lisa goes to get water and Lisa is then stabbed in her stomach with an axe and the killer leaves. Greg comes downstairs and finds her dead and screams and calls the police.

Sarah gets a call from Nathan and tells her that Lisa is dead and rushes to the crime scene with Lauren. Greg tells them that Lisa was stabbed in the stomach with an axe and Sarah tells them that the clown killer is doing this. Sarah tells Nancy that she is sleeping over Lauren's house and Nancy says to be safe and she hugs her mom and leaves. Sarah walks to Lauren's house and she sees the killer and the killer points to Lauren's house and Sarah looks over then looks back and finds the killer gone and runs to Lauren's house. Lauren opens the door and Sarah says that she saw the killer and Lauren invites her in and locks the door. Lauren tells her if the clown attacked her again and Sarah says no but that he pointed to Lauren's house and Lauren says why would the killer point at her house and Sarah answers i don't know. The killer then breaks the window and Sarah and Lauren scream and run. Lauren grabs a wooden baseball bat and goes into her room. Sarah puts her ear onto the door but doesn't hear anything and the killer stabs an axe through the door they scream. Lauren hits the killer with the baseball bat and Sarah and her jump out the window and run to Sarah's house.

Sarah opens the door and her and Lauren enter the house and lock the door Nancy ask what happened and Sarah tells her the killer attacked them and Nancy calls the police. The police come and tell them that the killer wasn't in the house but that they're lucky they escaped in time. Sarah, Nancy and Lauren go back in the house and go to sleep.

At school, Sarah, Lauren and Natalie are talking and Natalie says if they're ok and they both answer yes. Natalie tells them that its all over the news and Sarah tells Natalie that she doesn't want to talk about it. Sarah then sees someone walk away and Sarah, Lauren and Natalie follow the person. The killer turns around and Sarah, Lauren and Natalie run. The killer grabs Natalie and stabs her in her head and slashes Sarah's arm and everyone comes out of their classrooms and Nathan, Jason, Lauren, Amy, Liz, Greg, David, Ben, Jenna, Tyler, Wendy and Alyson help Sarah get up and Sarah is rushed to the hospital. Nancy comes into Sarah's hospital room and asks her what happened and Sarah tells her the killer attacked her.


Lilly Collins as Sarah

Taylor Lautner as Nathan

Joseph Cross as Jason

Scout Taylor-Compton as Lauren

Famke Janssen as Nancy

Alexandra Daddario as Amy

Imogen Poots as Liz

Nico Tortorella as Greg

Kellan Lutz as David

Thomas Dekker as Ben

Katie Cassidy as Jenna

Matt Prokop as Tyler

Danielle Panabaker as Wendy

Aimee Teegarden as Julie

Jennifer Pudavick as Natalie

Amber Heard as Alyson

Alexander Ludwig as Zack

Katrina Bowden as Lisa


Julie- Stabbed In Back, Stabbed In Neck And Throat Slit By the clown.

Zack- Gutted With A Machete By the clown.

Lisa- Stabbed In Stomach With An Axe By the clown.

Natalie-Stabbed in head by The Clown.

Wendy- Half of head cut off with an axe by The Clown.

David- Cut in half with an axe by The Clown.

Greg- Axe bashed in head by The Clown.

Tyler- While having sex with Alyson he is stabbed in back with an axe by The Clown.

Alyson- Stabbed in face with an axe by The Clown.

Jenna- Impaled through door with an axe by The Clown.

Liz- Stabbed in throat with axe by The Clown.

Ben- Decapitated with an axe by The Clown.

Amy- Stabbed in chest with an axe by The Clown.


  • Sarah
  • Nathan
  • Jason
  • Lauren
  • Nancy
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