Evil's Smile is a 2015 horror slasher film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Chelan Simmons, Steven Yeun, Bree Essrig, Thomas Dekker, Dustin Milligan, Chris Zylka, Wendy McColm, Crystal Lowe, Nicholas D'Agosto, Texas Battle, Briana Evigan, Rumer Willis, Shantal VanSanten, Sam Easton, Shane Dawson, Bobby Campo and Emma Bell.


To Be Announced...

The Rollercoaster Sitting Arrangement


  • TBA as Megan Harper
  • TBA as Ian Smith
  • TBA as Bree
  • TBA as Kevin
  • TBA as Josh
  • TBA as Jesse
  • TBA as Randy
  • TBA as Candy
  • TBA as Bubblegum
  • TBA as Brenda
  • TBA as Danny
  • TBA as Frank
  • TBA as Cassie
  • TBA as Annie
  • TBA as Lori
  • TBA as Lewis
  • TBA as Raul
  • TBA as Shane
  • TBA as Amy


  • When the coaster detaches Amy, Shane, Raul and Lewis fell and is crushed by the cart.
  • Lori is decapitated by an metal pole.
  • Annie and Cassie fell and have their bones snapped.
  • Frank is bisected by a metal sheet.
  • Brenda is crushed by a cabinet.
  • Danny is stab multiple times in back by the Serial Killer.
  • Bubblegum is gutted by the Serial Killer.
  • Randy's eyes was removed by the Serial Killer.
  • Jesse and Josh is imapled with a pole by the Serial Killer.
  • Candy is stab in stomach and is thrown to the balcolony to destroy Kevin's Car when he is try to escape.
  • Kevin is crushed by a Stone and is run over by his own car.
  • Bree is incinerated inside the car.
  • Ian is Incinerated inside the car.
  • Megan trys to escape the killer but is killed when she is run over by a truck.


Barbie Girl Song

  • Amy: I'm a Barbie Girl
  • Lori: In the barbie world
  • Annie: Made with Plastic
  • Cassie: You can brush my hair
  • Raul: UNDRESS ME Everywhere
  • Amy: ...
  • Lori: ...
  • Annie: ...
  • Cassie: ...
  • Raul: No Seriously !!!
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