Everest's Birthday

Everest Saves The PAW Patrol(A.K.A. Everest's Birthday) is a Marshall x Everest fanfic based on an idea by Otha Bland, Jr.(A.K.A. MarvelGeek1995)on what the 100th episode for the Spin Master/Nick Jr show PAW Patrol would be like, and written by Bland, Jr. It focuses on Everest(who is in the lead role)trying to have the best birthday she ever had and being the first birthday she celebrated with her friends. But while preparing to surprise her, the Pups act like they don't remember, which makes her upset and leads Marshall to be worried. With Everest running away.

Main Characters & Supporting Characters

  • Birthday Everest
  • Marshall(main)
  • Chase(supporting)
  • Skye(supporting)
  • Rocky(supporting)
  • Zuma(supporting)
  • Rubble(supporting)
  • Ryder(supporting)
  • Jake(supporting)
  • Giselle(supporting)
  • Mulan(supporting)
  • Aurora(supporting)
  • Ariel(supporting)
  • Anna(supporting)
  • Elsa(supporting)
  • Moana(supporting)
  • Pocahontas(supporting)
  • Merida(supporting)
  • Rapunzel(supporting)
  • Belle(supporting)
  • Cinderella(supporting)
  • Snow White(supporting)
  • Megara(supporting)
  • Esmeralda(supporting)
  • Eilonwy(supporting)


  • This idea is based on the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Michaelangelo's Birthday."
  • This fanfic will also be about how Everest feels for being left out by the other Pups.
    • This would also be a reference to a controversy among fans for how fans of the PAW Patrol felt when there were episodes that Everest wasn't in, that they feel she should've been in after her debut from "The New Pup." Which made many fans upset and outraged at the producers.


When Everest's birthday rolls up, the others pull a joke like they forgot that cost her feelings to get hurt and runaway. Marshall summits the others to search for her with him.


It was another typical breezy day in Adventure Bay, but it wasn't just any normal day for a familiar Siberian Husky-pup. While up in the snow-mountains, that Husky was more happier because of special day of hers that happen once every year.

"Happy birthday to moi, happy birthday to moi, happy birthday dear Everest! Happy birthday to yours truly", sung Everest happily. It was her birthday, and she wanted it to be the best she had, not to mention it was the first she was gonna celebrate with her friends. She was making a cake out of pizza, whipped-cream and liver bits.

"Ah, that's perfect. The Pups are gonna love it, this will be the best birthday I ever had EVER!!!!!", exclaimed Everest. She has just finished after adding some extra liver bits & pepper roni on the top. "Ooooh it looks so good, I can eat the whole thing myself!!!!" She said excitedly as she got into her snowmobile and place the pizza liver cake on a mini loading trailer.

Meanwhile at the Lookout on the first floor, the PAW Patrol was preparing for Everest's surprise party. "It was sure nice of Ryder's Dad to lend us some money for us to buy all this stuff for Everest's party," said Rubble. "Uh huh for a police scientist, it was pretty swell of Professor Mason to help us alittle," replied Chase with a smile. "Maybe one day, we'll be the ones to "Yelp for Help" if we're ever in trouble," joked Marshall making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile outside, Rocky was keeping a lookout with his special detecting binoculars he invented to detect something or someone far or close in case if Everest was anywhere near. Just then, the detecting beeper went off alerting that Everest was on her way. Rocky went inside to alert everyone. "Everybody, Everest is coming!! We can't let her in or she'll see all this!!!"

Without thinking, the Pups quickly turned off the lights and went outside and pretended to lie around doing nothing. As Everest got there, she approached the others with the loading trailer she had her pizza cake on.

"What's up Pups, how's my K9 brothers and sister doing?" She said with enthusiasm in her voice. "Just lying around," they all said simultaneously. "You know how these lazy days can be," added Skye making her best friend giggle.

"Anyways, I thought I bring you a special treat in honor of a special day. You see today just happens to be my-"

" Thanks, dudette," says Zuma, cutting her off.

The rest begin munching on the cake she made as Marshall is about to eat the last piece before he decided to give it to Everest.

"Uh, didn't you guys notice anything special about that pizza? With each pie stacked on eacother with whipped-cream and topped with pepperoni and liver-bits?" she asked.

"Now that you asked, it did kinda had a palatable taste" commented Rocky.

"Was that English?" asked Everest confused.

"He said it was scrumptious in other words, yummy," explained Skye.

"Well thanks. By the way you're really smart Rocky, I didn't know Canada spoke a different language. You should teach me someday," Everest complimented which also made everyone burst into laughter at what she said.

"So, anybody knows what today is?" She asked.

"Duhh, nope/not a clue/nada," said the Pups simultaneously trying to sound dumb.

"Oh yeeaaah," began Chase, winking at the others. "It's the day you get to help everyone downtown in Adventure Bay."

"But, don't we all go down to help people together?" She asked alittle concern.

"Yeah, but we feel maybe you haven't gone to go around town and to get to know others more since you moved here with Jake."

"Guess you're right about that. O.K., I guess I'll be heading down there. See you all soon," she said as she got into her snowmobile and headed downtown. But on her way, she was feeling alittle sad.

I can't believe it, none of them remember it's my birthday. She thought depressingly. As he finally left the scene where she won't hear what the others were saying the the pups except Marshall all high pawed.

"Alright it worked, let's get back to work," exclaimed Anna.

"I-I don't know you guys, what if we take this too far and hurt her feelings?" Asked Pocahontas, feeling alittle bit concerned.

"Oh Pocahontas, you worry too much," assured Merida.

"Says the free spirited princess who the only Siberian Husky we know became sisters with."

"C'mon Pocahontas, Merida's right. It will only make the surprise party for her even better," assured Mulan.

"I guess," but she still felt alittle worried.

What Everest didn't know was that Chase contact some people they know about what was happening and asking if they could keep her away from the Lookout as long as they can.

Meanwhile downtown, Everest was helping load food in a refrigerator box cart on the train to send to some relatives of Alex Porter and Mr. Porter's outta town.

"Thanks for the helping paws, Everest," said Mr. Porter.

"Helping some friends is the least I can do on my special day," replied Everest with a grin.

"Oh, it's your birthday? Well happy birthday to you," says Mr. Porter, which made Everest very happy.

After she was finish loading the box cart, she head off to Captain Turbot's. "Goodbye, Mr. Porter and Alex!!" She called out."Bye, Everest. And have a great birthday, and thanks alot!" Alex yelled out while waving.

At the dock, Everest was helping Captain Turbot give his ship, "The Flounder" a new coat of paint.

"I heard from Mr. Porter it's your birthday, well good for you," Turbot says.

"Thanks, I plan on making it the first one I celebrate with the Pups since they are my best friends," replied Everest.

"Well that sounds like a great idea."

After all the painting, Everest head off to Katie's pet salon. "Goodbye Captain Turbot & Wally!!" She says while running.

"Bye Everest, and Happy Birthday!" Cried out Turbot with Wally barking.

When she got there, she and Katie were bathing and grooming a bunny and a baby hedgehog.

"AWWWWWWW, they look so cute I can just squeeze them in my arms(front legs)right now!!!" Says Everest with enthusiasm. Katie giggled at her cuteness.

"Well looks like we're done. I better get going now. See ya, Katie"

"Bye, and Happy Birthday Everest," said Katie.

She said "Happy Birthday" to me, that's means Mr. Porter and Captain Turbot must've called and told her, Everest thought happily as she started driving.

Meanwhile, Rocky sees her coming and alert the others. They quickly make it outside and start lying around reading comic-books. Eventually, Everest made it to the Lookout.

"Well, I see you Pups were enjoying yourselves," she said laughing and raising an eyebrow.

"Just reading the latest Power Rangers comic," replied Esmeralda.

"Yeah, with all the losing they're collecting, how many brain tumors is Rita Repulsa & Zedd going need to deal with?" joked Rocky, making the others laugh including Everest.

"Well, I'm done with the errands," said Everest.

"That's good," replied Chase, still staring at his copy.

"Say, I've got a snowtastic idea!! How about we throw a big surprise for someone we know?!" she said with enthusiasm.

The pups looked at eachother, then Chase had another idea.

"Someone, or everyone?!?!?!" He said excitedly.

"huh?" Everest raised an eyebrow.

Chase explained, "Oh, you see, we started our own pizza business, and we just made a ton inside for you to delivery to the good people in Adventure Bay."

"Sounds fliptastic!!" Everest says, stealing Skye's phrase.

"Hey, that's my line!" commented Skye making her BF giggle.

"And because we have enough pups working in the kitchen, we need someone to help delivery"

"And I'm guessing you're referring to me?" said Mulan

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