Everclear: BCGirl the Movie is a 2017 American Comedy Film. It was written by Wes Craven and directed by Michael Bay.


One night, BCGirl is home alone. She gets really bored and decides to take one of her bestie (Indigo) and brother (BCGuy) on tour. They plan to go around the world in 50 days, but they must face some dangers and challenges on their mystical journey of Around the World in 50 days.


  • Scout Taylor as BCGirl
  • Johny Depp as BCGuy
  • Taylor Swift as Indigo
  • Everybody in the film were unknown extras*


"The movie wasn't good. I think Wes should go back to making horror films. 3/10" ~ The Daily Prophet

"The acting and comedy was great! But the major plot felt poor. 6/10" ~ New York Best Times

"Thumbs Up! *cough*forthesuckiness*cough. 1/10" ~ The Rolling Stones Magazine

"It was okay, but it lacked freshness. 6/10" ~ Cover Girl Magazine

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