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Union of Eurasian Neo-Bolshevist Republics, simply known as Eurasia, was one of the three totalitarianistic superstates, the other two being Oceania and Eastasia.

Eurasia comprises all of mainland Europe, Russia, and a fluctuating amount of Manchuria and Mongolia.


Early History

Eurasia was established on May 9th, 2030 as Soviet Reunion, after the second civil war, and the government was run by the new ideology known as Neo-Bolshevism.

World War III

After the Fourth Reich tries to invade the whole mainland Europe (excluding Union between Sweden and Ghana (formerly known as Sweden), Austria, Switzerland, Ireland), Germany tried to conquer Soviet Reunion, and afterwards, Soviet Reunion began conquered Continental Europe and annexed the Swedish province Scania, expect for Union between Sweden and Ghana still remain neutral, but the nation annexed three regions (now known as provinces) from Norway to prevent from the major Eurasian influence, in which the Germany collapsed, creating a single state stretching from Portugal to the Bering Strait, forming Eurasia, under a Neo-Bolshevik regime.


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