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Eugene Fisher Bush
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Sheepish Sheep
Video games TBA
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Pendleton Ward
Performance model
Inspiration Mr. Krabs
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Eugene Fisher Bush
Other names President Pid'jin
Mr. President
Crazy Legs Bush
Dad (by Ducky)
Father (by Ducky)
The Duck
Yтка (by Russians)
Pickle Bush
Old Man (by Jeff)
Aleksi Petrov
Donald Duck (by Jeff)
Howard the Duck (by Jeff)
Traitor (by the Indian King)
Personality Greedy, selfish, friendly, malicious, paranoid, homicidal, deluded, happy, rude, arrogant, merciless, abusive, kind
Birthday December 25, 1902
Occupation Naval cadet (formerly)
President of the United States of America (formerly; retired)
Member of the New Elite
Alignment Bad
Goal Stay president until he dies (given up on)
To destroy Russia (ongoing)
Sell the sheeps illegally (failed)
Hand over his job as president to Rick, retire, and live a peaceful life with his family (succeeded)
Home TBA
Relatives Ducky (daughter)
Allies Ducky
Minions Ducky (formerly), Grigori (formerly)
Enemies Grigori, Mokey (formerly), Dug (formerly), Jeff (formerly)
Likes His daughter Ducky
Dislikes Sheeps (formerly), failure
Powers and abilities Hand-to-hand combat prowess
Skilled with firearms
Unnatural speed and strength
Cartoonish durability
Breaking the Fourth Wall
Strong healing factor
Weather manipulation
Political power
Vast amount of weaponry
Enhanced senses
Tracking abilities
Fate Fired from his job, hand over his job as president to Rick, retire, and live a peaceful life with his family
Quote "I'm President Bush, President of the United States. I like to drink alcohol and I like to fight Nazis. A lot."

President Bush (full name: Eugene Fisher Bush), also known as President Pid'jin is the main protagonist of the animated television series, The Sheepish Sheep. He is the incredibly patriotic President of the United States and is obsessed to money and power and is therefore selfish and greedy. He is the president of the United States of America, although he hands the job over to his best friend Rick Bernstein in the series finale.

President Bush has also has been in every single American war since WW1, and due to these experiences President Bush often suffers from PTSD or paranoia, which is often the result of his villainy. He is aware of the Proxies' existence but allows them to kill as long as they pay him, in fact, President Bush is great friends with his employees and even considers them his "grandchildren". Despite his goofy behavior, he can occasionally show hints of brilliance.

Despite being one of the main protagonists, Bush is sometimes portrayed as the main antagonist in the show.