Ethrus (Earth-8000)
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Ethrus
 Current Alias
 Editorial Names Space God
 Affiliation Celestials
 Base of Operation
 Citizenship Celestial
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Caretaker, Celestial Engineer
 Gender Male
 Height Variable
 Weight Varible
 Eye Color Unknown
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Brown (without Armor)
 Unusual Features
 Origin Celestial
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth
 Creators Atlas
First Appearance
Dawn of the Celesitals #1

Ethrus was the only known existing Celestial in the Multiverse when the Seventh Cosmos, Sixth Multiverse came into existence. Alone, he traveled across the universe, coming into contact with many galaxies.


Early Existence

Celestial War

Shattering of the First Firmament

Second Cosmos

Dawn of the Celestials

Beyonder War

Third Cosmos

Fourth Cosmos

Fifth Cosmos

Sixth Cosmos

Witnessing the sentience of the Multiverse and Galan

Seventh Cosmos

Confronting Galactus

Destruction of the Celestials

The Universe

Andromeda Galaxy


Andromeda War


Death of the Chaos King

Powers & Abilities


Power Grid
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Warp/Light-Speed in space only

Supernatural Condition : Celestials with or without their armor, possess immense physical condition beyond of almost any being. They capable of lifting the more then 500,000+ tons with a single hand, and due to their energy-coat under their Outer Muscle, and their bones being immensely hard, the can endure immense physical stress, and their durability makes them just as hard and sturdy.

Vast Cosmic Power: A Celestial seems to possess near-limitless amount of cosmic power, so much that a single Celestial can threaten a entire pantheon of Deities and Gods on a single planet alone, and possess great manipulation power over Energy and matter.

Immortality: Ethrus is a immortal cosmic being who had existed for incomprehensible aeons. It has shown that Ethrus able to not only withstand planetary to solar impacts with effortless ease, he can threaten the entire pantheon of Divines (both Deity & God), and can withstand every single of their assault with ease, including Apollo. However, Ethrus demonstrates not power, but endurance.

Flight: Celestials are shown to be able to fly as if there were no gravity.

Magic Embodiment


12-Level Intelligence: Ethrus' intellectual faculties (mental capacity and concentration, memorization, mental calculation, thought processing, learning capacity, deductive reasoning, analyzation, intuition, creativity, instinct, perception, cognition, competency, etc.) transcend every sentient beings in the multiverse. He is able to have mentally/intellectually infinitely greater then all of the minds in the multiverse, and beyond. He is only rivaled by his fellow Celestial brethren.

Average Strength Level




Celestial Starships (Formally)

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