Seikatsu Symbol
Akatosh Stained GlassAkatosh is the aedric deity to Eternity from the Chrononian Religion.
Religious information
Associated religion
Type of deity
  • Meta-Physical God of the Void, Eternity
  • Time
  • Fate
  • Meta-Physical Representation of Existence
Physical description


Physical form
  • Man
  • Dragon
  • Beast
  • Void
Chronological and political information
The Void & Darkness exists, and shall it let consume all there is
~ The Delian Aristotle

Eternity is the enigmatic deity that is mentioned all throughout the religions of Trelia, and is explicitly mentioned in the Delian Cult as a the primordial void & darkness that had always existed. Eternity is mention in the Imperial Aelian Cult as the Chief Deity of the Nine Divinities, however, he is more commonly called Akatosh in the Cul.

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