Espiritu 2: Patayin is a filipino anthology supernatural dark-comedy fantasy thriller horror film it star Kathryn Bernado, Bella Sana, Daniel Padilla, Jodi Sta. Maria, Vic Sotto


also stars Vice Ganda, Kim Chiu, Jodi Sta. Maria, Pokwang, Melisa Cantiveros, Kris Aquino, Vilma Santos, Anne Curtis, Ann Li, Angelica Pangaiban, Rico Yan with Steven Silva and Tito Sotto

the anthology is seven that called Deadyead, Darkside, Mammy, Unbord, Baby, Possession Board, Carnival of Horrors


Deadyead: Melody and Marina are in a graveyard playing but a spirit just haunt Melody and her friend and kill her family Marina see a little girl stand in the stone and just died Marina was very scare the little girl stand at behind her and kill Marina and Melody with her friend


Bella Sana as Melody

Kathryn Bernado as Marina

Darkside: Elizabeth, Lena and Carl are in a darkest house and Elizabeth hold a candle and her hands burn and Carl hanged in the bathroom Elizabeth burned alive but Lena is hanged in the bedroom


Vilma Santos as Elizabeth

Daniel Padilla as Carl

Kim Chiu as Lena

Mammy: Carlo, Barbara and Naniel mine in a cave but there a mummy underground Carlo get by a mummy and put her in a mummy bed and killed her Naniel explosion mine who get killed Barbara and Naniel are hide in a stone and Barbara turn into a stone Naniel was dead


Angelica Pangaiban as Naniel

Tito Sotto as Carlo

Vice Ganda as Barbara

Unbord: Liza is a baby but she haunted by a mom ghost


Jodi Sta. Maria as Mommy Ghost

Baby: Toni and Morgan is a baby but she was a genius evil baby


Rico Yan as Toni/Morgan

Possession Board: Karly want play Boardgame but it possessed by a evil spirit


Steven Sliva as Karly

Carnival of Horrors: Melody, Nanielle and Barbera in a carnival of horror house but Melody arm set to burn and died


Melai Cantiveros as Melody

Pokwang as Nanielle

Ann Li as Barbera


  • Barbera- set her arm to death
  • Melody/Melody-Melody set to arm to burn and died Melody killed
  • Marina-killed by the little girl
  • Nanielle- her eye turn to into a bloody and she died
  • Karly-playing board and eaten by the board
  • Elizabeth-burned alive
  • Carlo/Carlo-hanged Carlo get by the mummy
  • Naniel-died
  • Barbara-turned into a stone and dead
  • Toni/Morgan-mommy ghost is dead and her dead
  • Mommy Ghost-her baby is happy and killed by the kidnapped and haunted the kidnapped and she died too
  • Lena- hanged out in the bedroom

No Survivors

(just all deaths)

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