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Escape the Bat People is an animated DC Batman Movie where it was made by Lauren Faust. This is a DC Super Hero Girls movie crossing over with Batman


Static Shock, Steel, Aqualad, and Jessica Cruz have to find Batman, so they can stop human bat creatures.


In the beginning, it shows the Bat symbol and show's the Batcave, Batman's headquarters. Batman explains how he overcome his childhood fear of bats, and befriends with bats to scare crime, and evil. He has put Bat for all of his equipment, and will only use the bat symbol for good.

At A High School, Jessica Cruz ask for Virgil Hawkins, John Irons, and Garth for help. She wants to find a new place for roaches, before her mom calls the exterminator. While rehearsing for the talent show, some woman named Francine Langstrom snuck in Jessica's house and free'd all the bugs, and signal all the bat creatures. Steel gotten the alarm, and go there quick. Jessica, Static, Steel, and Aqualad were shocked to see the oversize Humanoid-Bat Creatures who were eating the roaches.

Jessica tries to save them, but the Bat people attack her. Steel helped her, but The Giant Female Alpha Bat told them to retreat. Static, and Aqualad went on pursuit, but they got away. Jessica, Aqualad, Static, and Steel talk it over, and can come with an idea who can help them stop those Humanoid Bat monsters. Steel might know, and since they're bats, then they gotta find,, BATMAN! They have to know, how to find him. Aqualad said Aquman told him how he got in the Batcave, and he will use the same way. Aqualad made a bubble and he, Jessica, Static and Steel used the water to get in the Batcave, and once they got there, they begin there search for Batman.

While trying to find Batman, Static, Steel, and Aqualad could not help, but be amazed for all of Batman's bat-equipment. Aqualad put on the Batman mask and cape, Static took a selfie with his oversize penny, and Steel fell in love with the Batcomputer. Jessica tries to focus, but was shocked to see Batman's throne. Jessica took a seat, but the chair said it wanted to know if it's Batman or not. A password show's up and she has three chances and 59 seconds to get it right. She called Static to turn it off. It was a close one. As there search continues, they saw the old Batsuits, and Robin Suits. They took a step foward, setting off a signal which smoke came out. Jessica thinks nothing bad will happen, but Static, Steel, and Aqualad know it's a trap. Jessica wants to prove them wrong, and went pass the smoke and said "See?! Nothing Bad Happen!"

Little does she know that Batman landed behind her. Static, Steel and Aqualad told her to not turn around, but come to them first, then turn around. Green Lantern could not take there cowardlyness. But when Green Lantern (Jessica) turn around, Batman grabbed her by the neck wanting to know how they got in. Aqualad man up and said they need his help. Aqualad told Batman about the creatures, and if he knows how to stop them, and releases Green Lantern (Jessica). Batman ask them to describe the Humanoid Bat-Monsters. After Static and Steel explain, Batman knew what they were talking about, and what they're dealing with. They were created by the Langstrom family by Kirk Langstrom who wanted to cure deaf and blind. Instead it turns them into a giant Bat creature.

Batman knows how to cure them, and tell them if they want help, just light the Bat-Signal. Batman ask them where did they go. Green Lantern did not want Batman to know her secret idenity so she told him "They flew away Jessica Cruz's House, to the south." Batman and the 3 must find them.


  • Kevin Conroy - Batman/Bruce Wayne.
  • Mynra Velaso - Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz.
  • Phil LaMar - Static Shock/Virgil Hawkins.
  • Jessica McKenna - Aqualad/Garth.