Escape from the Dead

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Escape from the Dead is a 2012 American Horror Slasher Comedy- Drama film. It is star by Sean Patrick Flanery, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Mason Cook. The Story is About The 1 Year Coma Victim Rick who wakes up and was shocked when there is a Zombies outside the Hospital. Then His Wife Lori with the Other Survivors at a basement must "Escape from the Dead" before they all die.


  • Sean Patrick Flanery as Rick Milligan
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lori Milligan
  • Mason Cook as Carlo Milligan
  • Bobby Campo as George Cooper
  • Crystal Lowe as Marnie Cooper
  • Mackenzie Foy as Jess Cooper
  • Chelan Simmons as Olivia Kobayashi
  • Addy Miller as Cassidy Kobayashi
  • Shantal VanSanten as Joan Kobayashi
  • Margo Harshman as Megan Kobayashi
  • Thomas Dekker as Jesse Kobayashi
  • Ryan Merriman as Smith Kobayashi
  • Tiffany Hines as Tamara Jones
  • Addy Miller as Little Girl Zombie (Uncredited)
  • Logan Lerman as Joshin Kapree
  • Nick Zano as Tod O'Bannon
  • Chris Zylka as Carl Lerman
  • Texas Battle as Shawn Vandergeld
  • Steven Yeun as Glen Hooper
  • Logan Browning as Letisha Alomar
  • Naomi Snieckus as Linda Smith
  • Jesse Moss as Jason Moss
  • Dania Ramirez as Jamie Ruiz
  • Dustin Milligan as Justin Miller
  • Micheal Agarano as Mike Russell
  • Nicholas Braun as Nick Harper
  • Kerry Washington as Alessa Jones
  • Katie Cassidy as Brianna Carter
  • Emma Bell as Hannah Foster


608px-Amy killed

Hannah Bitten by a Zombie

  • Hannah - Neck Bitten by a Zombie.
  • Brianna - Arm and Neck Bitten turned into Undead.
  • Alessa - Legs ripped of by Zombies
  • Nick - Neck shoot by Rick.
  • Mike - Head Impaled with a Pole.
  • Justin - Legs and Stomach Eaten Turned into undead Head shoot by Rick.
  • Shawn - Attacked by a group of Little Zombies (Off - Screen).
  • Linda - Drowned by a Swimmer Zombie.
  • Jamie- Head sliced off by Little Girl Zombie.
  • Jason - Neck Bitten and Eaten .
  • Carl - Eye stabbed with the glass of his glasses and eaten.
  • Tod - He Hung Himself in the Tree.
  • Letisha - Bitten by Zombies and shotts self in head to prevent her from becoming a Zombie.
  • Joshin - Run Over by a Car.
  • Megan - A Group of Zombies Grab her and Eaten. Olivia and the others try to save her.
  • Marnie - Arm Bitten Turned into a Undead and Shoot in head by Rick.
  • Rick - Sacrifice himself to save the others.



  • Lori Milligan
  • Carlo Milligan
  • George Cooper
  • Jess Cooper
  • Olivia Kobayashi
  • Cassidy Kobayashi
  • Joan Kobayashi
  • Jesse Kobayashi
  • Smith Kobayashi
  • Glen Hooper
  • Tamara Jones


  • Rick Milligan
  • Marnie Cooper
  • Megan Kobayashi
  • Joshin Kapree
  • Letisha Alomar
  • Tod O'Bannon
  • Carl Lerman
  • Jamie Ruiz
  • Linda Smith
  • Justin Miller
  • Alessa Jones
  • Mike Russell
  • Nick Harper


  • Little Girl Zombie
  • Hannah Foster
  • Brianna Carter
  • Thin Zombie
  • Shawn Vandergeld
  • Jason Moss
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