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Escape From Dinosaur Island (Italian: Fuga dall'isola dei dinosauri) ​​​​​is A 1991 Italian/American Science Fiction/Horror/Drama/Survival Film Directed By Bernardo Bertolucci. 


In 1969, During The Vietnam War, A Team Of Soilders Are Sent In A Meeting. The Soilders Are Told To Find Several Missing People In A Uncharted Island Near Japan. During The Helicopter Trip, Their Warned By Chuck That They Could Be Next To Be Missing. 

They Eventually Arrive On The Island And Set Up A Camp In A Foggy Jungle. They Send Out Several Dogs To Find The Soilders As Well As Some Soilders Joining Them. Later, One Of The Soilders Return As Well As One Of The Dogs, With A Large Lizard-Like Skull Unlike Anything A Man Has Seen Before, And Research On The Skull Is Performed. It Is Reveled To Be Of Prehistoric Origin. Later In The Evening, The Group Stumbles Upon "Prehistoric-Like" Footprints. The Prints Are Reveled To Be Shockingly Fresh. Chuck And Other Soilders Investigate. In The Night, Billy And His Team Keep Hearing Roars And People Screaming. 

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• Sam Elliot As Billy, A Soilder

• Carl Weathers As John, Billy's Friend

• Joseph Fiennes As Chuck, A Soilder Who Has A Phobia Of Monsters

• Robert Redford As Carl

• Charlton Heston As Dave

• Anthony Hopkins As William 

• Josh Hamilton As Joe 

• Kurt Russell As Anthony, A Texas Native Who Is An Expert On Hunting

• Laurence Fishburne As Tommy

• Paul Freeman As Norris

• James Garner As Nicholson

• Nino Manfredi As Robert