King Erin of Thraford was a prestigious army commander of the Kerarri Empire's forces. He was a former Elite Guard as well as Supreme Knight of the Lori. His father was one of Jothro Jeram I's Theron Felligency members, as well as an officiating member of the influential House of Thraford. After Rendar Renall's death, he was promoted to the position of Rear Lord in the House of Thraford, meaning he was second in line to succeed the Kerrari Empire's Contigent Throne due to the fact that the Rear Lord occupied the position of Steward of the Empire. Upon the death of Deseter Renall, otherwise known as Nerdra Renall II, Erin was named King of the reeling Kerarri Empire until the supposed heir of Deseter, Nolvafarell, came of age. Shortly after Deseter's death, Nolvafarell's true parentage came to light and he was indeed the son of Erin, given to Deseter at a young age by Erin, his best friend, for protection. Erin took control of the Kerrari Empire and through stalwart political manipulation, freed the Empire from the dual threats of the Lori Regime as well as the Jeroboam Scion, personally engaging and killing Jeroboam VII himself. Erin reestablished the House of Thraford as the dominant power in the Empire and restored the Theron Felligency to prominence, granting Jothro Jeram III, who'd become High King of Triunlnd with Erin's backing, leadership of the Felligency.

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