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Erick Browne Jr.
Background information
Feature films Dogfield
Dogfield 2 (cameo)
Dogfield 3
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Seth MacFarlane
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Gaston
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Erick Brownie Jr.
Other names Erick
Personality Greedy, pompous, loyal, arrogant, envious, sneaky, bumbling, cruel, rude, conniving, deceiving, clumsy, bitter, comical, sophisticated, refined, intelligent, selfish, cowardly, treacherous
Appearance Slender, very muscular, fair skin, double-chinned, hairy-chested
Occupation Gangster
Alignment Bad
Goal Marry Barbie to her family's money (failed)
Destroy his family's legacy in order to gamble in Vegas to win back Barbie (succeeded)
Get rid of Ben in order to be the sole inheritor to Barbie's fortune, and steal her house for himself (failed)
To make an action figure of himself (succeeded)
Home TBA
Relatives Marge Browne (mother)
Erick Browne Sr. (father)
Allies Barbie (formerly), Jeremy
Enemies Ben, Hank the Cable Guy, Paulie the St. Bernard, Rex, Eliza, Tom
Dislikes Dogs
Powers and abilities High intelligence
Fate Taken into the French prison, and was cleaning out the stables as punishment for his attempt on Barbie's life.
Quote "Dogs? Dogs inherit first? And I come after the dogs? Me after... It's not fair! I mean, each dog will live about twelve years, and each cat has nine lives, that's four times twelve multiplied by nine times...Anyway, much longer than I'll ever live. I'll be gone...No, oh no, they will be gone."
"I'll have Barbie for my wife! Make no mistake about that!"

Erick Browne Jr. (also known as Erick) is the main antagonist of the 2015 animated film, Dogfield.


Erick is first seen arriving at Barbie's house. He asked her sisters for Barbie's hand in marriage should he return the fortune, which she gleefully accepts, but her sisters is outrageous by this request and angrily refuses, much to Erick's fury and Barbie's discomfort. Out of dismay, Erick hears Barbie will inherit the fortune for his pet dog, Ben, causing he plans to get rid of him, ends with the plan by sentencing the dog to death by drowning in Hoover Dam.

Later in the film, Erick kidnaps Ben and throws him into the Hoover Dam. He makes a deal with some Mafia gangsters to get him marry Barbie in order to became wealthy. Thinking that he was setting them up, the gangsters told him it would be his last chance to pay up (implying that they were going to kill him). Erick then disguises as a thief, creates a love potion to make Barbie fall in love with him.

However, after Ben returned from the city back to the casino, Erick returns where he is confronted by Ben who wanted revenge on Erick for trying to kill him. Ben attacked Erick by biting him on the leg, and Erick accidentally reveals to Barbie that he tried to kill her dog, and is slapped. Ben and his dog friends then chase Erick outside, but Erick traps them into a limousine, which was a setup and contains the gangsters from earlier in the film.

After trapping the dogs into a limo, he tricks Barbie into marrying him at the local church so that he can steal her and her sisters' house for himself in order to obtain his fortune. However, Ben’s brothers Uncle and Mike manage to rescue Ben and retrieve the collar just as Erick enters the church, blowing the latter's cover and clearing his name, but a cat and the dogs' ex-friend named Tom betrays the dogs and arrogantly exposes Ben as a fraud, foreshadows his plan to replace them in the television show. An annoyed Barbie demands to know of Ben's whereabouts, but Erick refuses to explain and instead demands Barbie to marry him, to which she refuses. Growing impatient with Barbie's constant refusals, Erick angrily orders the priest to marry both him and Barbie by force, but the priest refuses to do so, resulting the dogs save Barbie and hijack the bus, resulting in a car chase.

Erick tells Barbie to wait, but Jeremy possesses him of his body, and follows the bus the puppies hijack in to save Barbie, but damages his limo in a tree and is trapped in the snow, but quickly escapes the trap and crashes into a tree, knocking off his limo parts. Enraged, he goes insane with a wild look in his face in his attempts to catch the puppies and rams the truck that they are in to try and knock it off the road, but he is distracted when the limo crash down near the river, but Erick is unharmed, but the puppies escape. Refusing to accept defeat, Jeremy infuriates and vows to kill Barbie, but Ben attacks him. Jeremy allows 30 seconds to kill both Ben and Barbie, but the police stops him and Kelly punches him in the face off the bridge into the water.

Off-screen, he was arrested for crimes and taken to the French prison.