Eradicator is an upcoming first person shooter video game which is a remake of the 1996 computer game Eradicator.


In the future, humans have discovered interstellar travel and almost perfected it thanks to the newly discovered element Mazrium. Amongst the planets reacher is Ioxia, a world rich in Mazrium. The seemingly uninhabited Ioxia becomes a mining colony, and much Mazrium is extracted.

However, it is soon learned that Ioxia actually is an inhabited world; a lizard-like race of people who live deep underground. One fateful day, the humans accidentally drill right into their nest, prompting their king, warlord Kamchek, to declare war on the humans. The human world government, however, decide not to evacuate Ioxia, but instead close it off.

Ex-Navy SEAL Dan Bright is visited by his old friend, Eleena, who reveals that her fiancé Tom was working as a miner on Ioxia when it was abandoned. He managed to get out a radio message to her, informing her that he and a group of other men have become stranded on the planet. Eleena persuades Dan to come with her to Ioxia to rescue them.

The two steal a small shuttle and journey to Ioxia, but are soon brought to the attention of government agent Wallach. As the two have broken the law by landing on Ioxia, they are criminals, and Wallace becomes determined to hunt them down.

While investigating the planet, Dan and Eleena learn that Kamchek has been constructing an arsenal of weapons fueled by Mazrium and plans to use them in an attack on Earth. After meeting up with Tom and the others, the group decide that they must put a stop to Kamchek's plans.

Wallach pursues the group across the planet, eventually cornering Dan and engaging him in a one-on-one fight. When Dan reveals Kamchek's intentions however, Wallach agrees to assist them in destroying the weapons, but also promises to arrest them once their mission is finished.

The group launch an attack on Kamchek's compound, where he is holding the weapons. Dan forces Eleena and Tom to take the others and leave on Wallach's ship. Eleena doesn't know why, but trusts Dan enough and they leave. Dan and Wallach return to the compound, where Wallach is shot and killed by Kamchek. Dan pursues Kamchek and eventually breaks his neck. He then detonates his weapon arsenal, destroying the compound and obliterating Kamchek's army. Eleena and the others witness the explosion from the ship and Tom consoles Eleena before they depart. 

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