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Epiphany is a 2005 American Neo-Noir Drama film written and directed by Martin McDonagh starring Colin Farrell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Isla Fisher, Ryan Reynolds, Liam Hemsworth and Ziyi Zhang.

The film was shot on a budget of $1.6 million in Hammersmith & Fulham, London which serves as the main set location of the film.

The film was originally spec titled the "Runaways" and at another point the "Tibetan Takers" but was settled on it's current title as a way of summarizing Ryan Reynolds' character.

The film had a limited commercial release but was a cult success with both critics and audiences.

It received favourable reviews from all major reviewers and Ryan Reynolds was awarded with a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

The film first screened before it's brief theatrical run at the London Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.

Praise was also commended to performers Zhang, Farrell, Cumberbatch, Hemsworth and Fisher who serve up as the other main characters of the film.

Zhang secured a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actress whilest Hemsworth and Fisher were given BAFTA nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress respectively.

The film was first screened on July 11th, 2005 and then started it's temporary theatrical run on July 22nd, 2011.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray November 24th, 2011.


Wheeler Burns (Colin Farrell) is an angry hot-headed Irish Gangster on the run from his former psychotic partner brother Wrecker (Dirk Benedict) and his English head honcho boss Wexler Adams (John Heard).

An assassin Llewis Tamrock (Benedict Cumberbatch) is sent to eliminate him upon his arrival in Fulham, London.

He is able to however take Llewis the assassin by surprise and despite sustaining a serious knife wound render him unconsious.

Whilest bleeding out on a narrow street overlooking the water he is found by a young man John Goodwill (Liam Hemsworth) and his boyfriend Simon Kestler (Joey Pollari) who bring him and his attacker back to John's Aunt Haven's (Marta Kristen) place.

Wheeler awakens to a beautiful red head Carly Simmons (Isla Fisher) who is a resident there too and also meets other resident Takeo Fuji (Ziyi Zhang) a young 19 year old asian prostitute who is dying of HIV.

He learns that the group are all runaways running from some dilemma much like himself.

Carly is a 21 year old law associate from New Hampshire accused of embezzeling and who had chased all the way to London where she eventually came into the care of John, his boyfriend and Aunt.

The prostitute Takeo is on the run from an abusive boyfriend and pimp and happened to have been stationed in Glasgow formerly.

And John and Simon themselves are on the run from John's homophobic parents who had dispatched some older friends to assault John's boyfriend.

They tell they have his attacker tied up in a backroom of Aunt Haven's little Fulham cottage and Wheeler takes to interrogating him only to learn that Carly's thievery framing was set up by Wheeler's former boss Wexler who is out for his blood.

Llewis eventually comes round to saving the group upon escaping and returning to Wexler and the others as he has developed compassion and sympathy towards them.

The entire group housing Wheeler who accompany him on the run are targeted as leverage to be used against Wheeler as his psychotic brother closes in with a secret agenda.


  • Colin Farrell as Wheeler Burns
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Llewis Tamrock
  • Isla Fisher as Carly Simmons
  • Ryan Reynolds as Laurent Breckingham
  • Liam Hemsworth as John Goodwill
  • Ziyi Zhang as Takeo Fuji
  • Joey Pollari as Simon Kestler
  • Henry Winkler as Russell Simmons
  • Joanna Cassidy as Katrina Simmons
  • John Heard as Wexler Adams
  • Dirk Benedict as Wrecker Burns
  • Michael Nouri as Jean-Luc Dou
  • Randolph Mantooth as Walter Alexias
  • Marta Kristen as Aunt Haven Goodwill
  • Vernon Wells as Duke Goodwill
  • Patty McCormack as Georgia Goodwill
  • Indiana Evans as Claire Goodwill
  • George Wyner as Barry Kestler
  • Sam Anderson as Timothy Konnwheel
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