Eoraptor (SciiFii)
Eoraptor neus (name meaning "new dawn thief") is one of the earliest-known dinosaurs, originally living approximately 231 to 228 million years ago, during the Late Triassic in Western Gondwana, in the region that is now northwestern Argentina, and was once extinct, but has since been brought back by SciiFii and now lives in the Triassic Dinosaurs section of Cretaceous Park located at Sacramento, California. It is a small, lightly-built, basal theropod dinosaur covered in gray feathers. Eoraptor neus has heterodont dentition and it is an omnivore, suggesting that this feeding strategy in the original early dinosaurs had evolved early on. It is a solitary animal that lives most of its life alone, except during mating seasons when males make beautiful bird-like songs to attract females. The reproductive life cycle of Eoraptor neus is very similar to that of native modern junglefowls.
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