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Enhancements is an American-French-Canadian animated supernatural fiction television pilot created by Joe Region and K.M. Bobby. The pilot episode "Power Hour" was picked up series after airing on Fanon Network in the United States, M6 in France, and Teletoon and Télétoon in Canada, but the production for other episodes was cancelled.


A weak but intelligent high school boy named Joseph Leroy (Ryker Roy) creates a serum that gives him strength and enhanced speed. The serum works, and becomes superpowered. However, he then finds out that his Uncle Rick is an agent for the Anti Superhuman Group, and now he must stop his uncle from taking him in. Later, his uncle is fired, and he loses control. Using some technology he created, Rick stars tearing the city apart. Joseph decides to put on a mask and a robe he has and stop Rick.


  • Ryker Roy as Joseph Leroy.
  • Samuel Tyler as Gerald Leroy, Joseph's father.
  • Charlotte Wu as May Leroy, Joseph's mother.
  • Nora Tremblay as Caitlin Leroy, Joseph's sister.
  • Sebastian Haulen as Rick Leroy, Joseph's uncle and the antagonist.
  • Luca Leblanc as Kimberly "Kimmy" Dove, Joseph's love interest.
  • John MacDonald as Laurence Parker, Joseph's classmate and best friend.
  • Hunter K. Roberts as Lynn Daniels, the head of the Anti Superhuman Group.
  • Sadie Ken as Jenna Kobayashi, Joseph's neighbor  and Gerald Leroy's enemy.