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Engine Defenders is an American tokusatsu-based Tv series from 2013. It has draw many comparisons to Transformers and Power Rangers, among others.

It was followed by the sequel series Engine Defenders: Extreme.


Three battle-ready robots are built by the United Nations in case of an extraterrestial attack. Then, the evil DarkGlass Empire emerges from the Chaos Realm to invade Earth. The three robots, Automus, (Red Racer), Thrust (Blue Racer) and Brawl (Yellow Racer) are then sent into action, and are later joined by Blitz (a large black battletank) and Tracks (a green mini-van) to battle DarkGlass.

A vital component of the storyline are the four cyber keys, which the DarkGlass are hunting for, and three of which are possessed by the original three Bots. When fused with their sparks, the cyber keys enable the Bots to grow and ultimately combine into Auto Omega to vanquish gigantic adversaries. Blitz and Tracks later use two precious gems, a ruby and a sapphire to grow and combine.


Automus: The Red Racer, his car mode is a Firebird. He wields a longsword and is the level-headed team leader. Although he sometimes doubts his leadership skills, Automus is constantly reassured by his teammates that he is the only one who can truly lead the team. He occasionally clashes with Blitz. Voiced by Garry Chalke.

Thrust: Blue Racer, his car mode is blue Ferrari and he wields an axe. Although a bit hot headed at times, he deeply cares about his teammates and hates to see any of them getting hurt. He has a sort of brother-like relationship to Brawl and is Tracks' best friend. Voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes.

Brawl: Yellow Racer, his car mode is a Chevy Camaro and he wields dual throwing knives. Despite his name, Brawl is more of an intellectual rather than a brute, although pure strength is also one of his allies. He shares a brotherly love with Thrust. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Blitz: A lagre battletank who's cannon transfers onto his arm during transformation. Although at first irritated by Thrust, he slowly grows fond of him and begins to care more about him. He occasionally clashes with Automus, mainly over leadership decisions. Voiced by Bruce Greenwood.

Tracks: A green mini-van and Thrust's best friend. They often irritate Blitz together. He carries a shield rather than a weapon, but often wields many different guns. Voiced by Bumper Robinson.

DarkGlass Empire

The Varax: An alien race who projects the image of a large golden, floating head which they use to speak to their subordinates and control DarkGlass. The Varax abandon the DarkGlass fleet in the finale, leaving it to be destroyed while they seek out another army to take control of. They are voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Blackout: The first, brutal general of DarkGlass. Despite his claims of fearing nobody, he did deeply fear the Varax, noting that he had seen them destroying worlds. Destroyed when the Bots form Auto Omega for the first time. Voiced by Steve Blum.

Vampira: The princess of a planet ruling by the iron fist of the Varax, she reluctantly joins forces with them to spare her planet. However, after noticing several similarities to the destruction on Earth to the terror on her home planet, she turns against the Varax. She is subsuquently murdered by her far more bloodthirsty sister, Morgana. Portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies.

Dirge: The loyal military commander of Vampira's home planet, he at first refuses to support her claims of the Varax's deceit. However, after Vampira is killed, he is given a dishonourable discharge and replaced by Brutus. He then makes one final vain attempt to overthrow the Varax and is stabbed from behind by Brutus' sword before the Varax obliterate him completely. Voiced by Neil Kaplan.

Brutus: The most fierce and terrifying DarkGlass general, he secretly conspires to kill his king along with the Varax, hoping to then rule his homeworld. However, the Varax betray him and flee from the final battle while the citizens revolt on his home planet, overthrow the king and chase Brutus from his world. He flees into space, but is later captured and imprisoned for his war crimes. Voiced by Michael Jai White.

Morgana: Vampira's ruthless sister, she joins with DarkGlass under the guise of protecting her people, but in reality it is only to make them fear her even more. She constantly denies that the Varax plan to decimate her planet once they have conquered Earth. However, they betray in the final battle, when she finally corners the Bots inside of a multistorey car park, they eviscerate the tower while the Bots escape and Morgana dies in the destruction. Portrayed by Victoria Justice.

Brainstorm: The scientist of the DarkGlass empire, he often summons or creates new monsters. He dies during the destruction of the DarkGlass armada in space. Voiced by Brian Goerge.

Ramjet: Useful only for his brute force, he and Thurst often clash. He dies on board the DarkGlass flagship during its incineration. Voiced by Brian Drummond.


The series was followed by Engine Defenders: Extreme the next year.


The series theme was written and performed by the heavy metal band Twisted Sister, and the band's frontman, Dee Snider, voiced two minor characters on the show.