Darkseid and Galactus trying to end humanity and all the existence and rule the universe together.


Jeremy Renner as Darkseid

Anthony Hopkins as Galactus

MIla Kunis as Nemesis

Keanu Reeves as Jonh Matrix

Victoria Justice as Gloria Parker

Justin Bieber as Himself

Jonathan Hyde as Nazi Doctor Von Stuber

Nina Dobrev as Mona Sax

Chris Evans as Captain America

Stephen Ammel as Hawckeye

Giannis Chronis as Shield Agent Jonh Mlaoney

Danniele Panabaker as Jena

Emma Roberts as Pablona Mason


30 people in Somalia by Darkseid

4 thugs by captain america

5 people by galactus

2.000.000 people by virus who created by darkseid and galactus

mona sax by virus

5 billion people on earth by virus

darkseid by galactus

galactus by jonh matrix

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