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Encore is a 2018 American Musical Dramedy film written by Michael H. Weber & Scott Neustadter. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon it revolves around the exploits of a rag-tag New York production of castaways. It stars Craig Robinson, Jennifer Lawrence, Neil Patrick Harris, Mitchel Musso, Tyler Posey, Jessica Rothe and Camila Mendes.

It was released theatrically and in select IMAX theatres on December 16th, 2018 to commercial and critical success.

Plot Edit

In 1973 young Hell's Kitchen Bronx brothers Callan and Julian narrowly escape the police performing "See You Again Somewhere New," after Callan robs a convenience store with his friend Gomez Yarron, who guns down the clerk and his wife. Julian arrives to provide a getaway for his brother.

Callan in present 2018 finishes his shift as a cleaner in Portland, Oregon when he receives a call that Julian has died due to HIV, first collapsing in public a few weeks prior and having had no one else to come for him.

Following instructions left among Julian's things Callan sets up at the rundown Wafer House Theatre in New York City and assemble a list of his music student contacts, from when working as a freelance music teacher for disadvantaged individuals.

After burying Julian's things he performs "White Noise Song" to himself after comes into contact with Julian's friend and work colleague Mae Norca, who was unable to claim his body when she thought the family he spoke of would be there due to not being present visit wise.

She leads Callan to their friend and the only other hospital visitor Gerald Sampkin, a gay married ageing star.

Callan is very reductive towards Gerald following his introductory number "A Star In Lights."

The trio bring in the students Whitby: an IT student disowned by his family, Jai: a reluctant guitarist carer, Samuel: A sobering drug addict & dealer, Bronnie & Ava: two young pornographic actresses, Roscoe: An 50 year old eccentric student and Gina: Jai's ex-girlfriend and lounge singer.

They perform a poorly choreographed and executed opening night performance "Up In Momentum" though it results in poor reception and a physical altercation between Callan and Gerald, broken up by Mae, Jai and Gina.

New performers are brought in with Anna: Jai's neighbour, Serena: a theatre major and Norris: a record store acquaintance of Gerald's. They bond with the song "All In", Samuel tragically overdoses at a party he, Jai, Whitby, Anna, Gina, Ava and Bronnie attend. Ava is almost raped and Bronnie assaults the attacker.

Whitby serenades Anna with "I See It In You" and Anna to herself with "Focus". After Sam's death Jai initially leaves pulled back in Gina with their duet of "Break it, Or Make It." Mae and make love after a night of resolved drinking with Gerald to "Upside."

Mae reveals to Callan she is bisexual, and has met someone. Gerald reveals an affair with Norris to husband Matthew in a slow rendition of "Break It, Or Make It." Matthew brings his heartbroken number of "What To Fight For". Callan hands himself over to the police after the cast finish their amateur production of "Risen" which comprises of the numbers: "At The Lighthouse", "New Ground" and "Back In Hell's Hottest Kitchen", which is performed without Roscoe who signs on as a broadway understudy ("Piano Sonnet"). A closing card informs that Serena makes a career in music for the next five years and Anna as an actress for about sixteen.

Cast Edit

  • Craig Robinson as Callan Brahms
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Mae Norca
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Gerald Sampkin
  • Mitchel Musso as Whitby Sommers
  • Jessica Rothe as Anna Compton
  • Tyler Posey as Jai Gonzalez
  • Camila Mendes as Gina Westall
  • Jaz Sinclair as Serena Fallon
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Ava Tyler
  • Jennette McCurdy as Bronnie Celestial
  • Grant Gustin as Samuel Meykin
  • Billy Boyd as Norris Hemming
  • Vanessa Williams as Mya Brentwood
  • Alan Cumming as Roscoe Tavern
  • Sidney Poitier as Russell Brahms
  • Terrence Howard as Julian Brahms
  • Djimon Hounsou as Pete Brahms
  • Ludacris as Cousin Jekyll
  • Racquel Welch as Naya Gonzalez
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