The Empireons is a group of Star Wars Transformers, who were created by the Empire scientists for serving the Emperor and Lord Vader. The first attempt to make the Empireons was made, when the Emperor sent Lord Vader to the Cybertron to make an alliance with the Decepticons. The purpose of this alliance was to connect Unicron's head to the Death Star and to create transformers based on the Empire technologies. These were TIEFes (Transformers - TIE fighters), and their leader Malak - TIE Bomber. The Decepticons made only the bodies, Lord Vader gave the TIEFes sparks using the Force. These TIEFes were destroyed by Galvatron and Co during the battle at the Utapau. Unicron was also destroyed in this battle.

But the Empire found another way. The 501-st legion under command of Lord Vader and grand-colonel Thrawn attacked the Junkion. They captured many junkbots and brought them to the Mygeeto, where they were reconstructed and reprogrammed. The most robots didn't survived, they got mad and lost their sparks, the survivors became evil warriors, who know only one purpose - to destroy everthing. In this purpose they could be allies of the Decepticons, but they didn't thinking that the Decepticons are weak, if they can't to destroy their enemies, the Autobots.

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