Emo vs. Goth is the seventh The Phoenix Defenders Shorts.


Devanie and Mallory are battling each other in a stereotypical yet comical way.


Episode opens with the entire world in black and white. Devanie is dressed as a black spy while Mallory is dressed as a white spy. Also, they both have black beady eyes.

Mallory has a ton attached to a rope hanging from a tree right above a dollar. She then quickly hides behind a bush. Devanie then walks by and notices the dollar. She bends over to pick it up. Mallory then quickly releases the rope, letting the ton fall. Devanie then removes her hat to reveal a spring on her head, this causes the ton to bounce off her and land right on top of Mallory. Devanie picks up the dollar, snickers, and gives a peace sign.

End Episode

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