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Emma Greico is a recurring character in the TV series, Hartman.

Biography & Personality

Born in Manhattan, New York in November 1946.


  • Unnamed mother
  • Anya Wilson (sister)
  • 2 unnamed nieces (Anya's daughters)
  • Juliet Greico (sister)
  • Cole Larsen (nephew; Juliet's son)
  • Thora Price (niece; Juliet's daughter)
  • Gordon Fontana (son/killer; with Wendell Fontana, deceased)
  • Frank Grieco (husband)
  • James Greico (son; with Frank)
  • Abby Lambert (daughter; with Frank)
  • Beth Greico (daughter; with Frank)
  • Bridger Fontana (grandson/nephew; Gordon and Juliet's son, deceased)
  • Amanda "Mandy" Lambert (granddaughter; Abby's daughter)
  • Declan "D.J." Lambert, Jr. (grandson; Abby's son)
  • Oliver Greico (grandson; James' son)
  • Georgia "Gigi" Greico (granddaughter; James' daughter)
  • Liberty "Libby" Lambert (granddaughter; Abby's daughter)
  • Jonathan Shane (grandson; Gordon's son)
  • Angela Fontana (granddaughter; Gordon's daughter)
  • Eliza Hamilton (granddaughter; Gordon's daughter)
  • Bella Driver (granddaughter; Gordon's daughter)
  • Ben Geiger (grandson; Gordon's son)
  • 3 unnamed grandchildren (Gordon's other children)
  • Matthius Ramsay (grandson; Beth's son)