Emily Minerva, real name Veronica Gorloisen, is a powerful sorceress, Balthazar's love interest, and also one of the 3 most powerful apprentices taken in by Merlin, on a mission to fight against the evil witch Morgana le Fey. At the beginning of Albion Great War, Veronica become the first magician to ever succesfully merge two souls into one body, a powerful spell she subjected to Morgana to save Balthazar and the others as well as to put an end of their indecisive battle, which led both her and Morgana sealed inside the Grimdisk, portable mystical prison that happened to be prototype of more advanced Grimholds. When the Grimdisk destroyed, Morgana's spirit, which actually confined within Veronica's body and spirit like a cage, overpowered her spirit and possessed her until Raido and his friends outsmart her and free Veronica from Morgana's spirit by extracting the evil sorceress' spirit with a Grimhold. Awakened in 1938, Veronica realized that she had spent 1198 years inside the Grimhold.

In spite of her freedom and given chance of a normal life, Veronica, now with new identity as Emily, found herself lost in a world that had moved on without her and found it very difficult to adjust new life to this modern world. When realized that some Morganians survived to the present day and sought to revive Morgana, she once again join forces with Raido and his friends to prevent Morgana's revival, but is failed and nearly killed in result. Because of it, Raido forbade Emily to join the battle as he feels that she had done enough due to everything that she endured within Grimdisk and aware with her wish for normal life, only for them saving each other in the final battle that led to Morgana's demise and Morganians' defeat.

Personality and Traits

Like Balthazar said that Veronica was much like Raido, wanting nothing more than to be a normal person, with a normal life. This was apparent from a necklace that she was wanted back in medieval times which unbeknowist to her, Balthazar has bought her one.

She obviously loved Balthazar very much, willing to sacrifice herself for him.

Like the counterpart of the same name, Emily has brown eyes and hair.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Emily's Charged Ring
As sorceress, Emily also armed herself with various weapons and gadgets such as:
  • Sword: The depiction of Encantus showing her using sword to fight Morganians, implies that she has good proficiency with swords. In the modern times, this replaced by a gigawatt blade.
  • Charged Ring: Emily's magic ring have been rebuilt into a Charged Ring which, as she noticed herself, was better her former magic ring when used to cast a spell. It takes the appearance of silverish two finger ring with ornaments of gothic design around its Mana capacitor which resembles a purple gem.

Powers and Abilities

As one of Merlin's apprentices, Emily is a powerful sorceress with tremendous magical power in spite of trapped in the Grimhold for centuries. Being a Gorlois whom known as one of most powerful family of sorcerers in the world, Emily is highly powerful and skilled, expert in altering his surroundings and toying with the laws of physics to suit her needs and only known sorcerer from Merlinean side who can fight toe and toe against Morgana who have an Eldritch Abomination bonded with her. Like all sorcerers and maguses except from Merlin, his successor and Morgana, she needs a Magic Catalyst to channel her power; in her case her magic ring that have been recreated into a charged ring. Without it she is completely powerless as attempts to cast magic without it will strained him in spite of her high magic aptitude. In addition, she is a highly skilled swordswoman and able to hold her own in physical brawl.

Magic Spells

  • Human Fusion Spell : Forbidden Spell that said to fuse two soul in a physical body, but in reality, having one's body to be the prison for the victim's soul. She was once used this to stop Morgana to delay her ascension into The Beast until the 20th century.
  • Shield Spell: Emily can conjure a riot shield shaped forcefield as means to evade enemies' projectiles.
  • Windblast: Emily can conjure a concussive blast of winds that push foes backwards.
  • Plasma Bolt: Emily can conjure condensed, volatile balls of electricity, either in rapid shots or single but destructive rocket-like electrical blasts.


  • Peak Human Physiology: Like other Sorcerers or Maguses, her enhanced brainpower, and physiology appeared to be supernaturally enhanced into the peak level beyond the normal humans'.
    • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Emily is shown being faster than normal humans as well as more agile.
    • Enhanced Durability: Even while not in his Dragonlord form, Emily can endure more physical harms than normal humans. A testament of her endurance is when she still able to run whilst still injured from her fight against Morgana.
    • Enhanced Strength: Emily can apply practically tremendous superhuman force in her punches and kicks by using highly effective strength and muscle control when necessary.
      • Enhanced Leap: Due to her strength, Emily can jump higher than normal person. She can also jumped higher in her Dragonlord form as well.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Thanks to her supernaturally enhanced brain capacity, Emily is highly intelligent.
  • Swordmanship and Hand to Hand Combat Skills: Emily can hold her own in physical brawl and skillful in using swords.
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