I gave light to this lifeless planet. Everything was good until the dreaded UDM Academy with its policies made me boiling and scalding mad. Separating people based on their magical talents is the way to promote hatred and violence, and eventually racism. Because of this separation policy, I will stop at nothing to destroy anything UDM related. It is in UDM's nature to destroy itself.

~ Healin' Good Construct to the protagonist

Drake, I've been waiting for you. Come hither.
~ Emile to Drake Bloodlust after the latter meets her in episode 10.

You despised the ways of UDM which I can sense from your heart. You came into UDM and attempted to destroy the students and profs there. I truly admire you for that. But no matters what happens, I'll love you and help anyone that we may find on the way. Now let's find out more allies who despise UDM and form friendships with them.
~ The Healin' Good Construct (Emile) and Drake (with his allies) leave together to hatch a plan to destroy UDM everywhere on the planet.

Let's destroy Cassandra for sealing the very name of our magic.
~ Drake Bloodlust to the Healin' Good Construct before they work together to kill Cassandra

The magic that my allies and I use does not discriminate but UDM's does. The purple sword that Drake uses and the word Grace are two distinct branches that are coming from the same tree, a tree that propagated from a root.

~ Emile's explanation to the protagonist who asks her about the magic she and Drake use

She was right about UDM being able to destroy itself due to racism and segregation by magic abilities. But that gives her and her allies no right to destroy civilians in there because two wrongs do not make a right.
~ Trini to Mark about the Healin' Good Construct

Emile Raye Smith is the main antagonist of the UDM remake. She is a sphere like deity. She teams up with Drake Bloodlust and his allies consisting of U.U Omory and Wyrm Skuld in order to destroy UDM as a whole.

Her actions cause the protagonist and her allies to quit UDM as a whole in the season 1 finale.


Emile debuted as a sphere like orb that came to a lifeless planet. It said "Let there be light!" and light was given to the planet. It gave the planet life. The beings on the planet admired her for her radiant power. She then treated her subjects with tender love and care.

When a being on the planet which she gave life to was hungry, she fed that subject with a big and juicy apple. When 4999 more subjects came to her hungry, she provided them with all the food available. Even three of her subjects were smart enough to cook the food that she gathered for them. With the 5000 beings well fed, they thanked her. The time they spent together allowed them to gather love and turn the Healin' Good Construct from a sphere to take on a human form. She then used the name Emile Raye Smith as her name.

One day, a subject saw several schools being built named UDM. The professors there then decided that it would be a good idea to separate the students based on their magical abilities. One of her subjects whom she fed earlier told her about this. She told him that it was an abomination because all people are supposed to treat everyone equally, and separating the people based on their magical abilities is a way to promote inequality. This was enough for her to be sent into a scalding rage.

She then cast The Great Flood using her anger, killing most of the people at UDM. Eventually, she left, planning to plan her destruction of UDM. Eventually, the Dean then tells the others about the dreaded magic she contains.


Originally, Emile was a kind and benevolent being who cared for her subjects with tender love and care. When she saw UDM segregating the people based on their magical abilities, she then grew mad. Now with a cynical view on UDM, she and her allies will stop at nothing to destroy anything UDM related.

When Drake gets concerned with failing her, she tells him that it's okay and that they have to be better prepared next time for they have to adapt.


  • Emile Raye Smith is similar to Eras, the main villain from Ryusoulger. Both were once benevolent beings who were kind until something twisted distorted their views (Eras - the rogue Ryusoul Tribe declared civil wars that damaged the Earth, Emile - UDM distorting the order of magic by separating the students based on their abilities). Both took sphere shaped forms and appear at a later point in their respective series. Emile gets along with Drake and his allies while Eras does not because the Druidons kept defying her orders.
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