Elmore (later known as El Morón) is the main antagonist of the 2011 animated film, Dr. Z. He is a notorious Spanish thief known as an investor of Evil Inc. and a business partner of Dr. Z.

His original purpose was to serve as a business partner, but he turned out to be a very evil, manipulative and power-hungry entity, plans to betray Dr. Z in order to achieve his goals.


Elmore, along with Formulax and Billiam Milliam, attend a meeting with Dr. Z. As Dr. Z tries to run out to destroy the Plaza, Elmore snaps and berates him for constantly abandoning his job to attack "a bunch of dogs and cats across the street". Elmore then tells Z that his production sales are dropping and that, if he doesn't keep focus and get business back on track, he and the other investors will fire him. When Z points out that, as his investors, they can't technically fire him, Elmore states that they will stop investing in his company, meaning that it will go out of business. Elmore then challenges Dr. Z to not attack the Plaza for an entire day before leaving.

After his investors leave, Z states that Elmore should've given him a harder challenge, only to slowly realize that he has an obsession with attacking the Plaza. Later, Elmore congratulates Dr. Z for (technically) not attacking the animals all day and decides to continue funding his company.

As Truffle arrives in Dr. Z's hideout, Elmore reveals himself in person. Using his cone hat to speak out because of his coarse voice, Elmore introduces himself to Dr. Z and reveals that he's using the ruby as a plan to dominate the world and become the supervillain. Upon learning that Z has come to retrieve the ruby, Elmore also turns his rage toward the dogs, swearing to make them pay for their betrayal. However, Dr. Z challenges Elmore to a fight, telling the dogs to escape. However, the dogs and Truffle help Z in defeating Elmore and retrieving the ruby and pulling his belt so hard that it breaks with the ruby popping out.

Afterwards, Elmore and his investors are later arrested for his crimes.




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