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Elmo Got a Gun is a Sesame Street parody movie based on the song of the same name. This is Sesame Street's first R-rated film. This tells the birth and legacy of Elmo. It is directed and written by Tommy Wirkola, who directed and wrote ​Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and released on December 8, 2017.

Warning: don't read this to kids because this might become very inappropriate.


In a town where both humans and muppets are the population, Barney the Dinosaur tries to take it over in order to get children all to himself but Elmo snaps and goes on a killing spree for vengeance.


In the sesame street hospital, a woman gives birth to a boy but he has a disease that turns him into a red fury creature called a muppet. However, the woman and her husband find the child funny and raise him.

A few years later, a child-size but teenage Elmo (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) is heading to school but not before saying goodbye to his mom, who is widowed because Elmo's dad has died some time for unknown reasons.

At high school, he has a best-friend named Cookie Monster (voiced by Martin Starr) but they are bullied by Elmo's rival Big Bird (voiced by Ryan Reynolds). However, he has a crush on Betty Lou (voiced by Emma Stone), the school's cheer leader and Big Bird's ex-girlfriend.


  • Big Bird - Shot two times with pistol by Elmo for blackmailing him.
  • Oscar - Decapitated with a knife by Elmo for trying to rob him.
  • Bert - Stabbed in the head with a hammer by Elmo for getting in his way.
  • Ernie - Stabbed in the back with a knife by Elmo for ratting Elmo out and killing Bert
  • Grover - Shot in the head with shot-gun for kidnapping Betty Lou and trying to get Elmo killed.
  • Muppet criminals - Shot to death by Elmo and Cookie Monster.
  • Barney the Dinosaur - Shot to death with an assault rifle and decapitated with a shot-gun by Elmo for being a pedophile, murdering innocent people,


(when Elmo and Cookie Monster go to school, Big Bird drives by and flips them off)

  • Big Bird: (smirking) "Hey Emo."

(then he laughs and goes to find a parking space, leaving Elmo and Cookie Monster to glare at him)

  • Cookie Monster: (annoyed) "D**k."

(later, a little girl named Story is found by Barney but they encounter Elmo, who Barney tries singing to)

  • Barney: (singing) "I love you, you love me. Were a happy-"

(however, he is interrupted when Elmo shoots him with assault rifle while Story is not scared but is instead surprised)

  • Elmo: (irritated) "SHUT THE F**K UP! (then he shoots the head (off-screen) with a shotgun, killing the purple dinosaur. He then comforts Story) You okay?"

(she hugs Elmo)

  • Story: (terrified) "I was scared."
  • Elmo: (still comforting her) "Don't be. I'll take you home to your family."

(then he picks up Story and leaves to take her home)


  • Jesse Eisenberg as Elmo - A former child's entertainer turned vengeful bounty hunter.
  • Martin Starr as Cookie Monster - Elmo's best friend and partner.