Elmo's Jive Five" (or "Yo Five!" or "Five Jive") is sung and rapped by Elmo about the number 5 in similar manner to MC Hammer as a cute MC Hammer wannabe.

Sesame Street - Five Jive-0

Sesame Street - Five Jive-0


  • The Best of Elmo 
  • 123 Count with Me 


Backup Singers:' (FIVE! FIVE!)

Elmo: (rapping) (Five!) Yo! MC Elmo's got something to say

' Bout the Sesame number for today

It's the number we're pitching

And that's no jive:

It's cool, It's hip, It's fresh,It's FIVE!

Backup Singers:(Five)


Elmo: Yo, Five! (Yo, five!)

No jive...(no jive!)

No jive! (no jive!)

Yo, FIVE! (Yo, Five!) (FIVE!)


Gimme a five now! Five on a clock! (Five on a clock)

Five fingers on a hand (Five fingers on a hand)

We got five on a block (We got five on a block)

And a five in the sand (five in the sand)

Elmo time, HEY! (Five)


Yo, Five...(Yo, five!)

NO JIVE...(no jive!) YO, FIVE! (Yo, Five!) 

[Backup Singers disappear]


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