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Ellis Henderson (previously Vargas and Fontana) is a main character in the TV series, Hartman and recurring character of a spin-off Vargas & Shane.


Born in San Diego, California in June 1964. Ellis was raised in a middle-class family, with an older brother and sister, Graham and Diane and youngest sister, Alison. Ellis graduated from UCLA School of Law in 1986. Ellis got married to Diego Vargas and has a daughter; Ariel who was born in October 1995 but Ellis and Diego divorced 6 years later. Diego died in a car accident not long after.

In 2006, Ellis began to dating Gordon Fontana before they got married two years later and Ellis become pregnant with Gordon's child the year after. They has a daughter; Angela who was born in August 2009. She first appears in sixth season to replace Thomas Wolfe as a new District Attorney.


Season 6 to 7


Season 8

In the eighth season, she comes face to face with Ariel, now a cop who was recently promoted to detective, for the first time in almost four years. Despite crashing over their past, she spearheads her daughter and the squad's efforts to prove their case against two rapist officers, and with Ariel's recording of the officers before and after the rape of their colleague.

She starts become close to her daughter once again when she joins the MCS for a shorter time when Linda Young took her time off to recover her health due depression over her recent miscarriage.

Season 9

Ellis plays a huge part in the ninth season when she learns that Ariel had sexually abused by Gordon since she was 15 years old and was even more horrified to learns Gordon is the biological father of Morgan Shane's son Jonathan, whom she gave birth to at the age of 15. Ellis attempts to bring him justice, sending Angela away to stay with her sister after Beth Greico is stabbed in an attempt by Gordon to kill Ariel. With the help from Sergeant Chloe Hartman, Captain Paul Thorne and Morgan, they are finally got the proof they need when more victims from all over the country come forward. Gordon is later caught after briefly kidnapping Ariel and is later convicted on all off his crimes as well as facing potential more charges, and Ellis files for divorce and goes back to using her maiden name.

Season 10 to 11

Thoughout the tenth season, Ellis attempts to carry on with her life despite scrutiny by the public over Gordon, and settling numerous lawsuits filed by many of his accusers. In the eleventh season, after returning from her aunt Diane, Angela starts to act out, and cause trouble. Ellis tries to talk Angela down, but she furiously lashes out at her mother at every turn. Things got bad to worse when Angela and her boyfriend break into the MCS offices and vandalise Hartman's office and post video of it online, angers the MCS. Ellis suffers a breakdown and briefly goes AWOL, but later returned after Ariel finally gets Angela to open up. Angela agrees to treatment in a special facility for bipolar disorder, depression and drug use.

While struggling with recent events, Ellis decided not to run for re-election as D.A. due to her ex-husband's scandal, instead backing her old friend Gideon Chess, who is running for the position.

It was later revealed during eleventh season that Gordon manipulate Ellis into move into Los Angeles and get the job for a new District Attorney to get close to Ariel. Gordon used his connections to help stir up votes in the election so Ellis will win. Ellis never knew the truth and agree with Gordon to move to Los Angeles.

Season 12



Ellis is a hard-working District Attorney, a good wife to Gordon (unaware his dark nature) and a great mother to Ariel and Angela but when and after Gordon's true color is revealed, she vows to gets justice for victims without any mistake, also not to be remember as the wife of a serial rapist and become overprotective to her two daughters.