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Elijah Okafor is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in Chicago, Illinois, in June 1983, Elijah Okafor grew up in a prominent middle class African-American family. His father, Anthony Okafor, a former police lieutenant turned criminology professor, inspired him to become a police officer. He has two younger brothers, Dexter and Kwame. Elijah attended Illinois State University where he majored in Criminal Justice. Following graduation, he joined the police academy, and after graduating that, the Chicago P.D., becoming a detective within four years.

He is currently childless, but has a fiancé back in Chicago.

Elijah is a level-headed, down-to-earth individual and cop, who often tries to convince people (notably criminals and juveniles) to do what's right and take responsibility for their actions. Like his father before him, he has a true sense of duty and is dedicated to protecting and serving his community. Also, like his father, he remains unfazed by racial slurs and epithets directed towards him.

Elijah transfers to New Orleans from Chicago, and is partnered with Detective Marquez. He soon forms good relations with many of his fellow detectives, especially Queen and Marquez.

In the eighth season, Elijah's father, Tony, comes to visit and gets himself involved in several of his son's cases. After his observations lead to the cases being solved, Elijah suggests he become an occasional consultant for the NOPD.

At the end of the eleventh season, Elijah shockingly announces to the MCCIS that he has decided to return to Chicago to marry and settle down with his fiancé. His colleagues wish him the best and request that he send them invitations, which he agrees to do.



Service weapon: SIG-Sauer P220 (Nickel)

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