Elementary School is an ABC comedy series. It airs new episodes every Thursday.


Five elementary school students wonder what it's like to be kids.


  • Cade Woodward as Ryan Black, a happy and friendly third grader who is obsessed with pop culture.
  • Valentina Gordon as Isidora "Isi" Harper, a fun-loving sweetheart who loves drawing and coloring.
  • Zach Sulzbach as Ethan Walker, a nerdy boy who is often clumsy and cowardly.
  • Phoenix Nicholson as Jayshawn Reed, a token African-American kid who loves basketball.
  • Emmersyn Fiorentino as Bridget Ottoman, a tomboyish girl who is Isi's opposite.
  • Lauren Graham as Mrs. Beverly Thomas, the homeroom third grade teacher.

List of episodes

List of Elementary School episodes

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