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Breannon still has a bad feeling about Carter and he tries to call him but he want answer. Carter is still standing on the road watching a blur image of Troutman's semi truck but it's not really there. Suddenly there's a loud crash from behind Carter and he turns around and see's buildings crumbling to the ground. Carter runs from the smoke with Mickey and they run down the road. A truck comes up beside him and it's Cody(Dr. Hammer), Rayna, Janelle and Samantha in the truck. Carter gets in with Mickey and they start driving down the road.

Cody calls someone and tells them that it has been done. He tells him that he was sent here by the Queen Nala the queen of West Virginia. They drive to Deveraux and Sean's palace and tell them that Mickey will be brought back to life and to come to Nala's Palace. Carter tells them what happened and there shocked about Troutman's betrayal. Carter, Breannon, Blake, Will, Ray, Katherine, Venus, Stan, Cato, Cream, Vanilla, Loren, Hanna, Shelby, Dalton, Zoey, Kalysta, Cassie, Natalie, Tessa and Jordan Ashley, Christina, Max and Mary go to Nala's palace and the rest of them stay. They fly a jet to Nala'a Palace where King Keefer lives and there son Snowflakes.

Nala and Keffer greet them and take them to Mickey who is in the loby with Snowflakes. Mickey dosen't have his powers no more and is just a human. In Pennsylvania  Drew, Chad, Cordeila and Jason make a plan and want to sneak into the compound and confront Troutman but Chad and Drew mainly want to do the talking beacuse they were bestfriends with Troutman. Mickey tells Carter on the deck that he feels like shit beacuse he's a human again.

They kiss and Carter tells Mickey  that he can't cheat again but he dose like Mickey. Mickey understands and walks off into the night. In Pennsylevania Chad, Drew, Cordeila and Jason fly a jet and land in a cearing in the forest nereby. They walk through the forest and see Troutman talking to somebody on the cellphone arguing with them, He stroms away and they follow him to there jet. Troutman turns around and smiles at them.

Chad and Drew demand to know why Troutman betrayed them. Troutman tells them that he had to listen to his father or else he would be punished like he was growing up. Troutman wanted Carter to get away beacuse he loves him but he knew Carter wouldn't feel the same way beacuse he was with Blake. Troutman tells them to go to West Virgina and to leave him alone here and Troutman storms off leaving Chad and Drew crying.

In West Virgina Carter and Snowflakes start hanging out and they become friends. Mickey thinks Snowflakes likes him and is jealous. Chad, Drew, Cordeila and Jason arrive at Nala and Keffer's place later that day. Carter wants to float around the lake that surrounds Nala's place and land.. He gets in one of the rowboats and starts to paddle out there. Snowflakes, Sophie, Vanilla and Cream notcie hippos in the water and start screaming at Carter that there's Hippo's in the water.

Carter can't here them beacuse he's way down the lake. Carter thinks he's hear's yelling and takes his earbuds out and turns the boat around and almost runs into a Hippo. Carter starts to paddle away from them and see's a whole herd of them. Carter paddles fast and runs into them and over them and paddles to the dock. Snowflakes hurries and grabs him out of the paddle boat. Nala tells them that the only thing in the water is fish and that someone must have put those Hippo's in the lake.

Breannon comforts Carter and thanks Snowflakes. The next day Carter asks Snowflakes how they brought Mickey back to life. Snowflakes did with his electrokensis. Carter wants to learn more about his electrokensis. Snowflakes shows him the basics of Electrokenisis which are the energy bals, energy beam, energy blasts, energy bolts, energy magic, energy projection, energy sparks and energy waves. When Carter gets back to his room he finds a dead Hippo on the floor and a note that says leave or else.

Carter shows Nala and the Coven this. Carter tells them that he's not going to let whoever this is scare him away. In  Pennsylevania  Sean murders Queen Deveraux and is now on the run.  McKenna thinks Troutman let Carter get away on purpose beacuse he loved him and McKenna beats him for it. Sean comes to the headquarters along with Heveraux. There mad that Carter is not dead and that he need his up his game before he kills them. Heveraux knows where there at beacuse he has someone on the inside. He tells them that are Nala and Keffer's place.

Carter is afraid that someone is going to kill him and Snowflakes holds him in his arms and the two kiss. Carter really dosen't want to cheat on Breannon but he wants to be with Snowflakes really much. Carter tells Breannon and Breannon remebers when Chad let him and Ray have a threesome with Carter. Breannon alows Carter to be with Snowflakes and Carter tells him that he still loves Breannon. Carter tells Snowflakes the next day.

Dalton asks Carter if there's been anymore dead animals in his room. Carter tells him no and starts to gte creeped out. Dalton asks Carter what was the worst thing he has ever done in his life. Carter thinks Dalton's acting strange and Snowflakes comes out of the mansion and gets Carter. They have a romantic dinner and have sex afterwards. Troutman Dream Leaps into Carter's dream and tells him that McKenna, Heveraux and Sean want to kill him beacuse you might be the next Scrying.

Carter wakes up from the dream which was real and tells the coven about it. Carter wonders if its one of them who is trying to scare him of the island but they would of reconized them. Dalton apologizes to Carter for creeping him out. Carter thinks there might be another island out here and starts to walk to her office when a hand goes over his mouth and pulls him into another room. It's Troutman and he tells Carter that he might be the next Scrying which is a powerful witch that has all the powers a witch can have through his body.

Troutman apologizes for abandoning Carter in New York City with Mickey. Troutman is happy that Mickey is still alive. Troutman tells him to not follow him once he leaves the room. Troutman leaves and tells Carter to not tell The Circle about this. When Carter gets back to his room in blood on the wall is the words: This your final warning Scrying leave the island or i'll slit your throat. Carter runs out of the room screaming. Mickey wants to stand guard Carter's room whle he sleeps and Snowflakes moves into his and Breannon's room for extra projection.

Breannon still wonts Snowflakes to love Carter. The next day Snowflakes takes Carter into the jungle where he shoots energy balls from his hands and destroys a tree. Chad gets kidnapped by man wearing masks in a dock and a few hours later realises he's gone. Carter wonders if Troutman had something do with his disapprence. Carter gets a text from Breannon telling him to met him at the railing at eight. Shelby tells Carter that she's sorry for what's been happning to her.

Snowflakes and Carter make out before Carter gets ready to go met Breannon at the dock. Snowflakes go's inside the mansion and Carter walks to the deck. Carter calls Breannon asking where's he's at. Breannon dosen't know what he's talking about and claims that he was in the shower. Someone puts a rag over Carter'smouth which knocks him out.

Carter drifts in and out of sleep and see's that he's on a speeding boat and see's two shadowy figures talking. Carter wakes up and he's sitting in a feild. Kalysta's sister Alma is sitting in front of him and she is a vodoo witch. Carter demands to know who brought him here and Alma tells them to come out. McKenna, Heveraux and Sean come out but there not the ones who has been terozing him and Dalton and Shelby comes out,

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