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Edward Richtofen (Dimension-50)
Edward Richtofen
Young Edward Richtofen BOIII
Edward after being declared traitor
Full Name Edward Richtofen
Current Age 35
Date of Birth 1860s
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species / Type Human
Living Town Unknown
Class Doctor
Master Doctor
First Appearance World War II: Origins
Current Status(es) Unknown (listed as Missing in Action as of April 3rd, 2550)
Affiliation(s) Nazi Party (Formally)
Alpha Legion
Alias(es) The Doctor
Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father

Edward Richtofen (also known as the Doctor) was a legendary Nazi German soldier from the Dimension-50 who fought in World War II between 1939-1940 before being declared traitor by Adolf Hitler. Now a out-cast, Edward joined the Alpha Legion, and soon helped the United States and Australia defeat Germany and ended the war. In the 16th century, Edward was then station in the AL Spirit of Recollection in 2530, and soon disappeared with the starship in 2546.




Due to Edward being born in 1860s, Edward would be over 100 years old in the 21st century. But, Edward had done experimentation's on himself, and even adding Vampiric DNA into his bloodstream. After a while, his ageing process halted, making him semi-immortal. But still require sustenance like food and water.


World War II


During the early stages of World War II, Adolf Hitler ordered Edward to start creating a chemical weapon to use against the Allies. Edward then created, out if inspiration of the Zombie legend, to create a chemical weapon which rots the brain, and infects the human with tiny Nanobots which causes the brain to attack anyone, and devour them. However, this causes problematic to Germany as it was then infiltrated by John Participle and Beta, and release the chemical virus unintentionally. Due to this, German was weakened.

By 1940, Adolf Hitler declared Edward to be a traitor, and must be killed-on-sight.

26th Century

Battle of Arcadia

Battle of Triton II

Planet Discovered


  • Immortality: Edward is not affected by time, age or earthly diseases and viruses.


  • Edward's theme song is I need a Doctor.
  • Edward Richtofen is also one of the main roleplaying characters in Roblox played by the Author :3
  • Based on Edward Richtofen from the Call of Duty Zombies Series (Origins).
    • Appearance is also that of Edward Richtofen.
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