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*Owen Wilson as Gilbert Magnusson
*Owen Wilson as Gilbert Magnusson
*Terry Farrell as Skadi Magnusson
*Terry Farrell as Skadi Magnusson
*Sacha Baron Cohen as
*Sacha Baron Cohen as TBA
*Danny Trejo as
*Danny Trejo as TBA
*Helena Bonham Carter as
*Helena Bonham Carter as TBA
*Mike Myers as
*Mike Myers as TBA
*Peter Dinklage as
*Peter Dinklage as TBA
*Nicolas Cage as
*Nicolas Cage as TBA
*Johnny Depp as
*Johnny Depp as TBA
==Main Cast Gallery==
==Main Cast Gallery==

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A story of a capricious norse young girl who goes on vacation with her family to some place in Spain. But when her parents dissapear, she's forced to live in a nightmare world.



  • Morgana Davies as Edith Magnusson
  • Owen Wilson as Gilbert Magnusson
  • Terry Farrell as Skadi Magnusson
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as TBA
  • Danny Trejo as TBA
  • Helena Bonham Carter as TBA
  • Mike Myers as TBA
  • Peter Dinklage as TBA
  • Nicolas Cage as TBA
  • Johnny Depp as TBA

Main Cast Gallery


  • This film lasts ??? minutes long.
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