Edestus (SciiFii)
The saw-mouthed chimaera (Edestus modernus), also known as the saw-toothed ratfish, is a species of eugeneodontid holocephalid chimaera that originally lived throughout the world's oceans from the Late Devonian to the late Carboniferous and was once extinct, but has since brought back from extinction by SciiFii and introduced throughout the modern oceans by some of SciiFii's scientists to help boost biodiversity. It is a rather large fish that can grow up to about 6 meters (20 ft), about the size of a great white shark. Like its other relatives, such as buzzsaw-jawed chimaera, and unlike sharks, the saw-mouthed chimaera grows teeth in curved brackets, and does not shed the teeth as they become worn. In the saw-mouthed chimaera's case, only a single row of teeth occur in each jaw, so the mouth resembles a monstrous pair of pinking shears. Because the teeth are sharp and serrated, the saw-mouthed chimaera is a carnivore, feeding mainly on small-to-medium-sized fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans, that kills its prey by using its bizarre array of teeth to vertically thrash its prey, creating slashing wounds, thus incapacitating and then swallowing its prey. The conservation status of the saw-mouthed chimaera is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts, the saw-mouthed chimaera's wide range, and its tolerance to most of human activities.
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